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How Toronto compares to other global cities

What they're saying about us

Toronto is one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world. Read what the Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company and other top business magazines have to say about the city and its strengths as a financial and cultural capital.

Toronto rankings

Where we stand

  • In 2012, Toronto ranked #2 in Fast Company’s global ranking of smart cities, and #1 in North America
    Canada ranked #1 in Forbes magazine's annual list of the Best Countries for Business.
  • Toronto  placed second in an annual report on the top 26 “cities of opportunity” by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and first in quality of living and life satisfaction.
  • The  Economist ranked Toronto as the fourth most liveable city in the world, ahead of New York, London and Paris, and named Canada “the most liveable destination in the world.”
  • Canada  placed third out of 34 countries in the “Better Life Index” of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
  • Fortune Magazine ranked Toronto first overall in its international survey of cities in which to live and work, calling it among other things, the “safest city in North America.”
  • Forbes magazine named Toronto to its top ten of the World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities, calling it “one of the best places for companies to establish themselves.”
  • Foreign Policy ranked Toronto as the world’s 10th most global city, as well as fourth best for cultural experiences.

What they're saying about us

  • “ It’s time to discover Toronto as the new capital of cool.” – Huffington Post
  • “ Toronto is a metropolis with clean air and healthy downtown neighbourhoods. In short, a city that works.” – The New York Times
  • “ Toronto is the most civil and civilized city in the world.” – National Geographic
  • “Bottom line: if you want to learn about innovation, Toronto is the place to be.” – Chris Flanagan in BusinessWeek online’s Business Innovation Factory

Toronto - An Open City

Andres Lozano came to Toronto from Venezuela

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