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Sample Class: Experience an MBA Sample Class

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Sample Class

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Date: Monday August 13, 2018 | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Topic: Experience an MBA Sample Class

Room 1065
Rotman School of Management
105 St. George St.
Toronto, ON

Location: Canada
Cost: None
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One of the distinct advantages of the MBA is that candidates bring a wealth of experience into the classroom. It is the job of the instructor to facilitate the conversation to draw upon those experiences and outline where and how they relate to the topics and subjects discussed. They typically do this by using a “case-method” approach to teaching - a tried and true method of engagement used in business schools to encourage participation and provide a deeper learning experience for participants.  In this session, you will experience learning in the true Socratic teaching style, while analyzing a recent case study or topic.  While there is no preparation required, please come prepared to participate in the discussion so that you can experience why the MBA environment produces such an outstanding educational opportunity for candidates. 

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