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Ole-Kristian Hope

Hope OK

Ole-Kristian Hope

Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accounting
PhD Program Coordinator for Accounting  
Professor of Accounting


PhD, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
MBA, University of Michigan
Siviløkonom, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)


Ole-Kristian Hope is the Deloitte & Touche Professor, Professor of Accounting, and the PhD Coordinator in Accounting at Rotman. He teaches MBA (RSM 2203) and PhD courses in financial accounting. He has broad research interests in financial disclosure, financial reporting quality, corporate governance, analysts, valuation, auditing, private firms, corporate finance, and international business issues. He has published extensively in The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Accounting, Organizations, and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies, and several other journals including JIBS, JAPP, JBFA, JAAF, AH, etc. He has been awarded the Haim Falk Award for Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Thought, the American Accounting Association Best Dissertation Supervision Award, the American Accounting Association Outstanding International Educator Award, the American Accounting Association Best Paper Award, and the American Accounting Association Outstanding International Dissertation Award, as well as several other awards. Hope’s research findings are regularly cited by leading media outlets (e.g., The Economist, Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal) and he regularly presents his research at workshops, conferences, and consortia around the world. Please see the posted CV for details.

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