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BEAR Webinar Series

BEAR Webinar: Camielle Headlam

  • Speaker: Camielle Headlam, Research Analyst, MDRC
    Camielle Headlam is a research analyst at MDRC, an education and social policy research organization. She specializes in projects that apply insights from behavioral science to mitigate pressing postsecondary education issues. She currently leads qualitative diagnostic and implementation research for MDRC’s Encouraging Additional Summer Enrollment (EASE) and Finish Line: Graduation by Design projects. She also conducts implementation research for the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) Ohio Demonstration and Developmental Education Acceleration projects. Previously, Camielle served as a college success adviser for a community-based organization. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Cornell University.
  • Date: October 18, 2018 12PM ET
  • Topic: Making Summer Pay Off: Using Behavioral Science to Encourage Postsecondary Summer Enrollment 
  • DescriptionIn the U.S., a pressing public policy concern is low postsecondary graduation rates, especially at community colleges which often serve low-income and nontraditional students. Research has shown that enrolling in summer courses could improve student success, but few students enroll. Can behavioral science be used to encourage summer enrollment? If so, will students experience improved academic outcomes? This webinar will examine how behavioral insights were used to diagnose barriers to summer enrollment and encourage more students to enroll. Broader implications for applying behavioral science to higher education issues will also be discussed.
  • Click here to view the full recording of the webinar session

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BEAR Webinar Series: Jess Leifer   

BEAR Webinar: Jess Leifer

  • Speaker: Jess Leifer, Vice President, ideas42
    Jessica Leifer is a Vice President at ideas42 where she leads projects applying behavioral science insights to address challenges in health and health care. Her current work spans using behavioral science insights to prevent diabetes, build and sustain healthy habits in areas including nutrition and medication adherence, improve treatment of opioid use disorder, and build resilience in aging. Prior to joining ideas42, Jess was a fellow at the Mars Centre for Impact Investing in Toronto where she designed a technical assistance program for nonprofits interested in setting up Social Impact Bond programs. Jess previously worked for Success Academy Charter Schools, a large and growing network of public charter schools in New York City, where she collaborated on the design and implementation of their data-driven education management system. Jess received an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School and her B.A in Psychology (with honors) from the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn she researched self-control, willpower, and educational achievement with Dr. Angela Duckworth. 
  • Date: September 13, 2018 12PM ET
  • Topic: Improving Health with Applied Behavioural Design
  • Description: Health is more than what happens at a doctor’s office. A variety of factors influence how long and how well we live, chief among them our health behaviors and practices. This webinar will illustrate an approach for identifying barriers to health and designing solutions that can make us healthier, using insights from behavioral science.
  • Click here to view the full recording of the webinar
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