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Gloria Er-Chua

Valedictorian, Executive MBA '23
"Rotman taught me to dream bigger and gave me the tools to bring that dream to life."

How does it feel to be valedictorian?

It’s humbling. There are many people who impacted our cohort and I’m honoured that my classmates count me as one of these.

Why do you think your classmates chose you for this honour?

I took the time to build meaningful connections and always offered my help when someone needed something. I just wanted to be a good classmate that people could depend on, and I believe this is their way of recognizing my efforts.

How has the program changed you?

The program has given me the confidence to pursue a career pivot after more than a decade in my current industry. Having access to an excellent career coach and being surrounded by remarkable classmates pushed me out of my comfort zone and stretched my capacity, leading to growth. Put simply, Rotman taught me to dream bigger and gave me the tools to bring that dream to life.

Describe a highlight of the program.

We did a weekend retreat focused on personal development, where we completed exercises to learn about our drivers, desires, fears and mindsets. I learned so much over those two days about the connection between personal development and professional success. It showed me that Rotman is committed not only to helping us advance in our careers, but also equipping us to be impactful leaders.

What makes my classmates / graduating year special?

We started the program during the pandemic and had to adapt to constantly-changing circumstances. In the Executive MBA stream, we all balance full-time work, school and caregiving responsibilities, which forces us to be strategic about prioritization, time management and collaboration with our study teams. What makes us special is our resilience, creativity and problem solving — skills that will continue to serve us as we take on new leadership challenges.

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