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Your organization needs top talent to deliver on today’s strategy and get ready for where you’re going next. The experienced team at Rotman Career Services helps make that happen. We create the bridge between Rotman’s respected management programs and a fast-moving global economy, connecting you with graduates whose skills and experience match your evolving priorities and high expectations.

"Rotman’s ever-evolving curriculum offers plenty of opportunities to tackle real-world business challenges – alongside instruction from leading practitioners and expert faculty. Graduates emerge from our programs ready to navigate a changing economy and help organizations do the same."

  - Dean Susan Christoffersen


Whether you’re a long-time employer of business school graduates or just starting to extend your search for top talent, our well-connected team streamlines the recruiting process and supports you every step of the way.

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The Rotman Career Services team builds a deep understanding of your organization’s overall business goals and specific HR needs, then connects you with great potential candidates from the School’s strong talent pool. We build long-term partnerships with organizations by digging deeper into your talent development priorities, and helping you elevate your brand profile among potential employees.

With Rotman Career Services, you can:

  • Count on responsive, tailored support from our experienced industry advisors.
  • Connect with top-notch students who are ready to meet your needs.
  • Collaborate on strategies to engage promising students and raise your profile.
  • Access the insights and influential thinking of a leading business school.
  • Advance your talent strategy with unified support – and a single, knowledgeable point of contact.

We help you meet today’s pressing HR needs while developing a robust talent pipeline for the future.


Employers often reach out to us seeking to connect with strong graduate candidates right away, across our full range of programs.

In addition to full-time roles, students in our programs are often seeking internship, practicum and special project experience. Examples include the flexible internships in our Full-Time MBA program, the Master of Management Analytics practicum and the Rotman Risk Management project in the Master of Financial Risk Management program. Career Services can help you connect with any of these programs.

Our executive MBA and other professional programs attract outstanding leaders who are actively building their careers. You can also reach out to Career Services for links to these experienced candidates, to discuss your firm’s priorities and opportunities.

To learn about any of these recruitment opportunities, please contact

An Employer's Guide to Rotman Master’s Degrees

Rotman’s degree programs are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing business world. The summaries below offer a brief overview of the focus and length of each program, as well as students’ typical career stages and interests. Download a program’s brochure to see a class profile with an overview of students’ academic backgrounds and other assets.

Early Experience Programs

Learn more about the Master of Financial Risk Management

Master of Financial Risk Management

An 10-month full-time program offering young professionals specialized expertise in finance and quantitative risk.

Download the MFRM brochure →

Learn more about the Master of Management Analytics

Master of Management Analytics

A 11-month full-time program designed to provide young professionals with specialized expertise in advanced data management.

Download the MMA brochure →


Mid-Experience Programs

Learn more about the Full-Time MBA

Full-Time MBA

A two-year full-time general management program that allows mid-career professionals to master business fundamentals and tackle complex organizational problems. 

Download the Full-Time MBA brochure 

Learn more about the Morning and Evening MBA

Morning MBA | Evening MBA

This 32-month management program helps students enhance their capacity for strategic thinking and rigorous business judgement. Students apply insights from class immediately at work.

Download the M/E MBA brochure →

Learn more about the Master of Finance

Master of Finance

A 20-month program that hones the specialist expertise of finance professionals.  

Download the MFin brochure →

Executive MBA Programs

Learn more about the Executive MBA

One-Year Executive MBA

A one-year learning experience designed for senior and executive working professionals, strengthening their strategic insight and leadership impact.  

Download the EMBA brochure →

Learn more about the Global Executive MBA

Global Executive MBA

An 18-month part-time program for senior and executive working professionals with a focus on leadership development on a global scale.

Download the GEMBA brochure →

Learn more about the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

An immersive 18-month leadership development program tailored to professionals in healthcare and the life sciences.
Download the GEMBA-HLS brochure →

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Our industry advisors translate your organization’s hiring criteria and broader strategic agenda into specific recommendations on how to engage a cohort of diverse, highly accomplished students. We’re here to advise you through every stage of recruitment, from information and networking events through interviews and formal offers.

If you’re considering hiring a graduate into a full-time position upon completion of their degree, we’re here to help. We can also work collaboratively with you to explore and engage Rotman talent in a range of other ways.

Industry panels: Showcase your organization’s expertise and leadership through a campus event focused on topical issues in your sector.

Face to face: Let us facilitate one-on-one or small group sessions where you can field questions from students and offer advice about how to enter your field.

Information sessions: Host an event to introduce students to your firm’s culture, work and people. We look after everything — from venues (on-campus or off-site) to videoconferencing to catering — partnering with you to create an inviting and engaging experience.

Clubs and groups: Tap into Rotman’s dynamic ecosystem of student-led clubs and activities. We help connect you with education and recruitment events designed by students with a keen interest in your industry.

Site visits: We can help to organize site visits to your locations or other industry venues, creating opportunities to show students your environment and introduce them to your teams.


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While planning your engagement, please refer to our Recruitment Key Dates Calendar and our Recruiting Guidelines & Policies.


Rotman Diversity Banner

Equity, diversity and inclusion are core to the Rotman experience.

In bringing together students and faculty of varied backgrounds, identities and points of view, we don’t measure success by targets reached or boxes ticked. A commitment to advancing all forms of equity is evident across Rotman, from the development of more inclusive curriculum – such as courses on Black entrepreneurialism and business leadership – to support for BIPOC research projects to the diverse executives-in-residence program.

Rotman students engage with and learn from a wide spectrum of people, exchanging ideas, collaborating, sharing experiences, and in the process gain a more global outlook. They enter the workplace with a deep appreciation for the power of diversity and how to leverage and amplify that organizational strength.

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Rotman attracts extraordinary talent from across Canada and around the world, and delivers a rigorous business education that shapes them into effective decision makers. Graduates leave our school with the knowledge, agility and confidence to begin making a meaningful contribution on day one.

“The school’s advisors as well as the candidates are top tier in all aspects and we genuinely enjoyed the experience. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

- University recruiter, Microsoft

Combining their own talent and drive with a rigorous Rotman education, graduates emerge from our programs:

  • Well-equipped – with relevant knowledge, skills and experience
  • Insightful – grounding strategy in current research and management thinking
  • Engaged – exposed to high-profile discussions and debates on issues that matter
  • Connected – to key companies and sectors, and to Toronto, Canada and the world

Top employers around the world seize the opportunity to bring Rotman grads onto their teams, as our annual Employment and Salary Reports attest. We welcome you to review reports for our MBA, MMA, MFRM programs.


Full-Time MBA 

Master of Management Analytics 

Master of Financial Risk Management 

Student stories

See where some of our dynamic Rotman graduates have landed:


Juliana Montoya (MBA ’20)

A CDL fellowship student on staying connected to the startup world while pursuing the Full-Time MBA.

Enci Wang

Enci Wang (MFRM ’20)

Here’s how the MFRM class of 2020 is making its mark in financial risk management.


Adam Resnick (MMA ’20)

Meet three MMA grads set to make waves in technology, healthcare and banking.


Your team at Rotman Banner

Rotman Career Services offers responsive, tailored support to employers. Your dedicated Corporate Relations Team helps you meet today’s pressing HR needs while developing a robust talent pipeline for the future. We bring deep knowledge of key sectors and industries, and we’re constantly broadening our horizons as the career landscape evolves.

Lyla Korhani

Lyla Korhani

Director, Career Services

Sheila Schaffzin

Sheila Schaffzin

Associate Director, Corporate Relations

Gil Panuncialman

Gil Panuncialman

Program Manager, Career Treks

Carrie Badame

Carrie Badame

Corporate Relations Manager

  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Credit Cards & Payments
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure
Tea Pesheva

Tea Pesheva

Corporate Relations Manager

  • Technology
  • Retail/CPG
  • Fintech
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistical Services
  • Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining
  • Automotive
Elly Bertram

Elly Bertram

Corporate Relations Manager

  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Non-Profit
  • Hospitality
Sonya Zaccaria

Sonya Zaccaria

Corporate Relations Specialist

  • Banking, Financial Services, Diversified
Rafi Rahman

Rafi Rahman

Corporate Relations Specialist

  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • CPG/Retail
  • Fintech
  • Diversified
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For more information on recruitment and engagement opportunities, please contact Rotman Career Services.

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