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Rotman School offers support for Ukrainian management scholars and students displaced by the war in Ukraine

May 3, 2022

In response to the crisis in Ukraine and in light of the more flexible Canadian immigration policies now in place for Ukrainians, the Rotman School of Management will look to create opportunities for Ukrainian scholars and students displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Support for management scholars displaced by the war in Ukraine

Rotman is offering support to Ukrainian postdoctoral fellows and graduate students displaced by the war who are interested in continuing their work at the Rotman School on a visiting basis during the 2022-23 academic year.

We understand that needs will vary widely depending on the circumstances of each individual, and we wish to act quickly and flexibly. We do not have a formal program or funding for such visits, but we will seek to identify Rotman faculty who can act as the academic host and we will seek to match that RSM faculty member and the potential visitor to potential funding sources. What will be possible will depend on the particular circumstances of each case, but where an appropriate match can be identified we may be able to provide an official invitation and formal visiting status at the university, to waive tuition for visiting doctoral students, to identify paid research assistant opportunities for visiting doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, and/or to support the RSM faculty member in pursuing federal grants that could in turn be used to fund these visitors. In some circumstances we may be able to support the visitor in pursuing access to University of Toronto or other funds that would support living expenses.

Interested scholars should send a brief letter of interest stating their needs and a current CV to Niamh McKenzie at There is no deadline as cases will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Support for Ukrainian students displaced by the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian students whose studies in a business or management program in Ukraine have been disrupted are encouraged to apply to the Rotman School as exchange students. The University of Toronto will allow accepted exchange students to register for classes for up to one year without paying tuition, and will help to ensure credits are applied back to the student’s home institution. Rotman will also seek supports for exchange students for living in Toronto. Students interested in applying for an exchange program to the Rotman Full-Time MBA are encouraged to contact Imran Kanga at Imran.Kanga@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca. For potential exchange students to Rotman Commerce (undergraduate) please email Nina Kirischian ( and Jeannine Woodall (

Another site that may be helpful to displaced students or scholars is Science for Ukraine. This site lists research positions and student transfer opportunities available at universities around the world.

Susan Christoffersen
Dean, Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto