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Mark your calendars: four exciting Rotman livestreams to check out this summer

July 8, 2020

Feeling bored? Eager to break out of your lockdown rut? Good news! Rotman Events have moved online. We’ve organized an exciting lineup of livestream events that will shake you out of your lockdown routine and open your mind up to new ideas.

Spend this summer learning about the global pandemic’s impact on global supply chains, how to stop good jobs from going bad, the meaning of surveillance capitalism, creating organizations as amazing as the people inside them and the livewired brain.

Remember, as with our in-person author talks, registrants will receive a copy of the featured book.

For a complete list of upcoming events, see our events page.

Check out these four upcoming Rotman events:

Livestream: Experts Discuss “Implications of COVID-19 for the Future of Global Supply Chains: Some Views from the Ground”

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In a panel discussion moderated by Rotman Professor Walid Hejazi, Josh Cherin (vice president – supply chain, GMPC LLC) and Hugh Downey (executive director – purchasing, Magna International Inc.) discuss global supply chain and sourcing strategies pre- and post- COVID-19.

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Livestream: Shoshana Zuboff on "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power"

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

In this masterwork of original thinking and research, Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power (Public Affairs Books, 2019) provides startling insights into the phenomenon that she has named surveillance capitalism. Zuboff, who is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School, explains how the stakes could not be any higher than they are right now. A global architecture of behavior modification threatens human nature in the twenty-first century just as industrial capitalism disfigured the natural world in the twentieth.

Among numerous accolades received so far, The New York Times named Zuboff's latest book their Notable Book of the Year. The Financial Times named it their Best Book of the Year. Time called it their Must-Read Book of 2019.

Starting July 21, copies of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism will be shipped to paid registrants.

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Livestream: Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini on "Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them"

Wednesday August 19, 2020 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them (HBR Press, Aug. 18, 2020), Gary Hamel (visiting professor, London Business School) and Mr. Michele Zanini (cofounder and managing director, Management Lab) make a passionate, data-driven argument for excising bureaucracy and replacing it with something better. Drawing on more than a decade of research and packed with practical examples, Humanocracy lays out a detailed blueprint for creating organizations that are as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them.

Starting August 20, copies of Humanocracy will be shipped to paid registrants.

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Livestream: Dr. David Eagleman on "Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain"

Thursday, August 27, 2020 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

After reading Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain (Doubleday, Aug. 25, 2020), you will never think about your brain in the same way again. As David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine, explains, the brain is livewired — in the same way that plants grow toward light, brains reconfigure to boost data from the outside world.

Eagleman takes the reader on a thrilling journey of new possibilities. Join him and learn how a child can function with one half of his brain removed, how a blind man can hit a baseball via a sensor on his tongue and how we can build the next generation of devices based on the principles of the brain.

Starting August 28 hardcover copies of Livewired will be shipped to paid registrants.

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