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Back Issues 2009

Accountability (Fall 2009)

When someone is accountable, he or she can be counted on to complete their duties with a high level of quality, based on clearly-defined expectations. Try as we might, none of us can completely control what happens in business or in life. What we do have control over is how we respond to situations. In this issue, we look at what it means to be accountable, to our organizations, our communities, our planet, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Staying Power (Spring 2009)

Staying power is not about responding to a one-time crises or rebounding from a setback: it's about continuously anticipating and adjusting to deep, secular trends that can permanently impair the effectiveness of individuals and organizations. In this issue, we explore how those who are open to new ways of thinking are more likely to thrive and achieve staying power than those who cling to yesterday's approaches.

Wicked Problems (Winter 2009)

The challenges we face today are more complex than ever before. We have entered into the realm of what late design theorist Horst Rittel called 'wicked problems'. It is time that we - as managers, leaders, and global citizens - get better at managing the complexity of modern problems, whether they be social, environmental, or business-based. In this issue, the first in a series, we seek to improve your ability to tackle wicked problems head on.