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The Leading Edge (Fall 2015)

We are seeing the dawn of a new generation of business leader: one that is intent on creating value for society and for shareholders, simultaneously. These leaders exemplify the fact that business can be a force for good or bad - and so much more. What makes the difference has to do with how an organization is led. In this issue, we turn our attention to the skills and mindsets being exhibited by today’s most effective leaders and organizations.

Smarten Up! (Spring 2015)

Just imagine how your work – and life in general – would improve if you could train yourself to notice more, be more thoughtful, ask better questions, be a better learner, and tackle complex problems with ease? In this issue, we present a variety of approaches for doing just that.


Wicked Problems III (Winter 2015)

When UC Berkeley design theorists Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber coined the term ‘wicked problem’ back in 1973, they could not have foreseen how poignant it would become for 21st century leaders. Wicked problems are different because traditional problem-solving processes cannot resolve them. Our third issue on this theme looks at the mindsets and tools involved in tackling these problems.