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Back Issues 2018

You 2.0 (Fall 2018)

What if you could raise your level of self-awareness exponentially? Learn to ask better questions and form better problem statements? Help the people around you build up their resilience? And banish bias from your organization? In this issue, we examine a variety of ways to take yourself to the next level as a leader and colleague — and make the most of your potential.

Value Creation (Spring 2018)

Whatever your organization produces, one hard truth applies: your offering has zero value unless your customers perceive value in it. One of the core challenges for leaders today is to understand the nuances of creating value in the mind of the consumer. In this issue, we put value creation in the spotlight in an effort to define what it looks like and how to enable more of it.

Creative Destruction (Winter 2018)

No company today has the luxury of basking in yesterday’s—or even today’s—success. The humbling fact of life for today’s leaders is that virtually everything you thought you understood about running a successful business is open to better ways of doing things. In this issue, we look at how creative destruction is unfolding across industries, and the thinking and leadership required to fuel it—and navigate it