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Creative Destruction II (Winter 2020)

Everywhere we look, digital technologies and innovative business models are transforming organizations and industries. In our second issue on this topic, we cover the upsides as well as some of the potential downsides of AI and machine learning, showing that, ironically, technology might actually make us all more human—by freeing us up to be more creative, empathetic and innovative.

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Rotman Management Magazine - Spring 2019 

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Editor's Letter

FROM BANKING TO RETAIL, healthcare to manufacturing and education to professional services, digital technologies and innovative business models are upending organizations around the globe.....

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Feature Articles From this Issue

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(FREE) Bringing Big Ideas to Life
by Charles Plant

The best ideas come from a keen understanding of your customers’ triggers for purchasing and barriers to buying.

(FREE) Leadership Forum: Creative Destruction in Healthcare
compiled by Karen Christensen

How can the healthcare system best accommodate AI? How will it affect the role of the clinicians, teams and industry vendors? All of these questions — and more — were tackled at the inaugural Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy Conference.

(FREE) Winning the 20s: The Business Imperative of Diversity
by M. Tsusaka, C. Greiser, M. Krentz and M. Reeves

What will it take to win in the 2020s? Among other things, leaders need to build up innovative capacity by embracing diversity.

(FREE) Disruptive Leadership: The Amazon Management System
by Ram Charan and Julia Yang

The core building blocks of Amazon’s management system demonstrate an innovative formula for winning in the digital age.

Thought Leader Interview: Vinod Khosla
by Ajay Agrawal

One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs talks to Creative Destruction Lab Founder Ajay Agrawal about the AI-generated opportunities (and dangers) that lie ahead.

Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation
by Karen Christensen

Harvard professor Gary Pisano describes the antidote to creative destruction for established organizations: creative construction.

Machine Learning in Business: Issues for Society
by John C. Hull

From data privacy to ethics, teaching machines to use data to behave intelligently raises some difficult issues for society.

The Algorithmic Leader
by Mike Walsh and Karen Christensen

A new breed of leader is emerging with an ability to use machine intelligence to transform organizations — and reinvent the world. Futurist Mike Walsh explains.

China's Innovation Agenda: A Middle Power Finds Its Way
by Wendy Dobson

China is no longer ‘the workshop of the world’. Its ambition is to be the global leader in commercializing new technologies. Can it achieve its goal?

Banishing Occupational Stereotypes
by Joyce He, Sonia Kang, Kaylie Tse and Soo Min Toh

The stereotypes we hold of individuals often carry over into the workplace, with implications for job seekers and organizations alike.

The Value of Personal Relationships in a Digital World
by Laura Doering

Even in an increasingly digital world, personal relationships between intermediaries and clients continue to shape outcomes.

Pitching Novel Ideas: A User’s Guide to Success
by Shuye Lu, Kathryn Bartol and Vijaya Venkataramani

When introducing creative ideas to management, employees should use a dual approach consisting of both idea enactment and influence tactics.

Turning Disruption into Opportunity: How to Unleash Trapped Value
by Omar Abbosh, Paul Nunes and Larry Downes

When technology creates the possibility for a better customer experience, trapped value accumulates. Here’s where to look for it.

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Embracing AI in Financial Services
Foteini Agrafioti


How AI Amplifies Human Competencies
Ken Golberg

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