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Spring 2022 Issue

Big Ideas Issue (Winter 2023)

Leadership today is permeated by paradoxes: leaders must hold and share power; generate short term and long-term results; provide stability and display adaptability; optimize data and use hard-earned intuition — to name a few. The zoom buttons on our digital devices provide an apt metaphor for the mindset required to achieve this balancing act: on some days you need to look at things close up (your employees, customers and other stakeholders); while on others, you need to step back and view things (implications, outcomes, societal is sues) from afar. In this issue we attempt to move between these three levels to touch on some of the concepts and topics leaders need to think about and incorporate into their mindsets going forward.

Spring 2023

Next Level Leadership (Spring 2023)

Over the last decade, organizations have faced one disruptive challenge after another. And unfortunately, it seems many leaders haven’t risen to the occasion. In MIT’s 2020 Global Executive Study, just 12 per cent of 4,394 respondents strongly agreed that their leaders had the right mindsets to lead them forward. And that was before COVID-19 came along, adding to the ‘challenge portfolio’ for every leader and manager in the world. A recent Korn Ferry report argues that the executive role has become far too complex for any one individual to perform. The new mindset required, it says, is one of ‘enterprise leadership’. Enterprise leaders know how to balance performance with transformation — not just in their own area but, across the broader enterprise and ecosystem. In this issue we present some of the tools, mindsets and capabilities required to be a ‘next-level leader’.

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Work in Progress (Fall 2023)

Whether you are a CEO guiding a global corporation, a team leader in a small start-up or an influential figure in your community, the path of leadership is marked by constant evolution and self-improvement. Great leaders understand that their growth is intertwined with that of their teams and the world around them. They strive to stay ahead of the curve, adapting their strategies and approaches to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of their stakeholders. Put simply, leadership is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey. In this issue of Rotman Management we explore the multifaceted dimensions of great leadership as a work in progress.