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Meet Tania Carnegie, MBA '98

Tania Carnegie (MBA ’98) is one of Canada’s foremost leaders in impact investing. She founded and leads Impact Ventures, a global consulting firm at KPMG, which helps businesses improve their bottom line and their social impact.

Tania Carnegie


Reunite at Rotman, our annual alumni weekend, brings together leaders and innovators from all industries, highlighting the collective wisdom and experience of our alumni community. With a full slate of alumni speakers and guests, Reunite is one place where you can learn through the experience of others.

Tania Carnegie, MBA 1998, is one such accomplished individual, who will be speaking at this year’s event. Tania is Chief Impact Officer and Leader of the Impact Ventures practice at KPMG, and is a recognized global leader in impact investing. Tania says that early in her career, she was eager to learn from other’s journeys, a process that she found invaluable. “I was open to new ideas and experiences and I saw them as an opportunity to learn and grow. I sought to learn from the experience of others, as I was building my network.”

I’ve learned are not to be so hard on myself... to trust my instincts more, take the lesson learned, and move on.”

One of the most beneficial aspects of Reunite is hearing about the hard-won wisdom that people like Tania have acquired, and she says she hopes that attendees find these messages empowering. “One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned has been patience,” she says. “There have been several times in my career where I have launched new initiatives in an emerging field, and things haven’t always happened as quickly as we wanted. Other lessons I’ve learned are not to be so hard on myself. Instead of agonizing over the ‘right’ choices, I’ve learned to trust my instincts more, take the lesson learned, and move on.”

She relishes the opportunity to give back to the alumni community as a Reunite speaker. “I’m looking forward to Reunite and the opportunity to connect with such a diverse community of leaders, and I feel very privileged to contribute to the Rotman community,”

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