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The art and science of the brand

Understanding customers and delivering what they want, when they want it, at a price they want to pay is the key to effective marketing. This requires you to analyze both hard numbers and qualitative information, to understand the reasons behind customer behaviour, and to develop strategy based on this analysis and insight.


The emphasis in Marketing combines courses from a broad range of marketing topics, such as market research, consumer behaviour, sales and pricing strategy, advertising, and digital marketing to develop your understanding of how customers make decisions and how to influence them, how to analyze markets and generate insights about competitors, and how to develop successful strategies for strategic communications, brand management, and driving sales.

"With the advancement of digital and social media, marketing has become much more dynamic than ever before."

Milos Vranesevic, head of marketing at MasterCard Worldwide, in his interview for Rotman Management Magazine

Topics covered

The key to effective marketing is understanding customers and delivering what they want at a price that they are willing and able to pay. This requires you to analyze both structured quantitative data, the form of numerical metrics and statistics, and less structured qualitative information, in the form of human needs and perceptions, to generate insights into the reasons and motivations behind customer behaviour.

Requirements to complete the emphasis in Marketing

Complete five half courses (2.5 FCEs) with at least two half courses (1.0 FCE) from the list of main courses. See the Registrar's Office for more detailed information. 


  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Pricing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing and Behavioural Economics


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Sales Management
  • Fintech Marketing: Innovation in the Marketing of Financial Services
  • Branding
  • MCV 2.0
  • One to One Marketing

For detailed information on each elective course, please see our MBA electives guide.

Marketing resources at Rotman

Career paths in Marketing

The emphasis on Marketing develops the skills you require to be an effective marketer in any business unit, including but not limited to consumer markets, business to business functions, financial services, technology, healthcare, or the not-for-profit sector.

Notable alumni

  • Jeffrey Zietlow, Mother Parker`s Tea & Coffee, Director of Marketing
  • Annette Sullivan, Vice-President, Marketing, The Shopping Channel
  • Bill Dertilis, Partner, Vicar + Tart
  • Cybelle Srour, SVP Group Digital Planning Director, Energy BBDO
  • Doug Collier, Chief Marketing Officer, La-Z-Boy Incorporated
  • Douglas McGillivray, VP of Sales, Corporate Officer, General Mills
  • Janet Biver-Carpenter, Global Communications Director, Leo Burnett Worldwide London
  • Karin Koonings, CMO, Savers
  • Marnie Peters, Sr Director Brand Development, Rogers Publishing
  • Raja Shankar, Digital Marketing Head - IB, Scotiabank

Companies that recruit at Rotman

A selection of companies where Rotman MBA graduates have worked in recent years:

Consumer goods companies

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