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Rotman MBA: your network for life

The benefits of earning a Rotman MBA extend far beyond graduation. As a graduate of the Rotman Full-Time MBA program, you will earn lifelong career support from Rotman to ensure your success in finding the right job, and build a strong network that will benefit you throughout your entire professional career.

As a Rotman MBA graduate, you will join a thriving alumni network of more than 12,000 business graduates of the University of Toronto, who occupy leadership positions in 70 countries worldwide. Our alumni programs will enrich your life for years to come and keep your personal network robust.

We encourage graduates to stay connected with their classmates through the Rotman Alumni Portal and a complimentary lifetime Rotman e-mail account, which ensures your classmates are always just a keystroke away. Year round, you will be invited to network with fellow alumni at events that feature a roster of exciting speakers and offer an opportunity to expand your business circle with new contacts. The network provides lifelong career support through job postings and other resources, ensuring our graduates continue to find and share in their professional and personal success.

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