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The Rotman Career Centre

Before your classes even start, the Rotman career centre will work with you to help you discover and define your career vision. Once you arrive at Rotman, our one-on-one career coaching sessions and career education workshops will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to achieve your goals.

"The career team is dedicated to creating well-rounded global leaders and thinkers."

—James Webster, MBA student from London England, in an interview with Poets and Quants

We want all Rotman MBA students to graduate with their career objectives fulfilled. This central goal guides the Rotman career team in all that it does. Here's how we accomplish our mission:

A highly personalized career coaching model

We partner you with a career coach from the start of First Year who is connected to you throughout your Rotman experience. A low staff-to-student ratio means your career coach can spend the time to truly get to know you, help you craft your career plan, and equip you to achieve your goals, whether it’s accelerating your current career path or preparing for a career change upon graduation.

A proactive business development team with strong ties to industry

We don't wait for the jobs to come to us. Our client team makes sure the companies already recruiting at Rotman are fully engaged with our students. Meanwhile, we seek out new recruiting partners based on direct feedback from students about where they want to work and for what firms. The client team shares company and industry intelligence with the career coaches and student clubs to ensure everyone is up-to-date about the latest industry practices and trends.

A range of career services that goes well beyond ordinary

Of course we help you perfect your marketing tools (résumé, cover letter, and online profile), but that's only the beginning. The Rotman Career Centre offers a robust career preparation platform: starting with self-assessment in the summer before you arrive at Rotman, followed by Career Discovery Week early in your first year, and extending right through your two years at Rotman. We partner with the Self-Development Lab, Rotman faculty, and student clubs to deliver career education as in-depth as Rotman's academic curriculum.

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