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What Recruiters Are Saying About Us

In their own words

Leading companies from every industry seek out Rotman graduates for their proven ability to solve tough problems and deliver impressive results. Take a look at some of the reviews that recruiters have been giving our talented students.

Steve McConnell, Managing Partner, NBBJ

"[The Rotman graduates I hired] seemed to be naturally free of the bias or predisposition that so many of us carry into any situation. They brought a set of skills in how you query and look into an issue without moving toward predetermined conclusions that has led to unexpected discoveries of opportunity potential innovation."
-in The New York Times, January 10, 2010

Don Guloien, Chief Executive Officer, Manulife

“Walk the halls of Manulife — in Toronto, Hong Kong, Boston, wherever— and you’ll find Rotman graduates doing what they do best — creating wealth and prosperity.”

Nandan Nilekani, Former Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Infosys Technologies

“[With the current pace of change,] knowing something is not going to help you: managers must dynamically respond to what needs to be done. That’s what the Rotman School is teaching, and it’s what will keep people relevant in tomorrow’s world.” 

A.G. Lafley, CEO, Procter & Gamble Company

“Rotman students are learning to think in new and unique ways; that’s incredibly important. They will bring these thinking skills to the organizations that they join. New thinking is what’s needed in the competitive global marketplace today.”

The Times (London, UK)

“Rotman, well known outside Canada for its eponymous business magazine, also attracts plenty of attention from recruiters at big corporations in the UK and US as well as Canada.”

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