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Who Recruits at Rotman?

Connecting top talent with global employers

The global reputation of Rotman attracts recruiters from around the world for access to the largest, brightest, and most diverse MBA talent pool in Canada. Rotman is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, just blocks away from Canada’s business and financial centre, and is ideally positioned to help students connect with employers.

Photo of downtown Toronto entered in Rotman's annual Lens Competition, 2011


Get access to the largest, brightest, and most diverse MBA talent pool in Canada to hire for year-round internships, short-term projects, or full-time opportunities.

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Recruitment Channels

The Rotman career centre will work closely with your company to design the right recruitment strategy to achieve your hiring goals. Engage with Rotman through partnership opportunities to enhance your corporate presence and build relationships with our students before making important hiring decisions.

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What They're Saying About Us

Leading companies from every industry seek out Rotman graduates for their proven ability to solve tough problems and deliver impressive results. Take a look at some of the reviews that corporate recruiters and business leaders have given our students.

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