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The range and diversity of student clubs available in the MBA program is remarkable. Whether your goal is to grow your network, build your skills, or just enjoy a good time with your classmates, we have a Rotman club for you.

Clubs form an integral part of the Rotman MBA experience. Industry clubs play a key role in your career exploration and success, while social and cultural clubs allow you to build a network and explore your interests outside of class. Led and organized by Rotman students themselves, the clubs run a rich calendar of social and networking events, case competitions and guest speakers.

The best part of student life at Rotman is that it’s largely led and organized by Rotman MBA students themselves. Whether you are organizing an international case competition, pitching a fundraiser to a potential donor, or want to learn more about what makes a great Scotch, there is no better way to build your real-life skills and engage your personal interests than by getting involved in our student clubs.

The social, networking and career-building activities of the student clubs are an essential part of the MBA experience.

The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the recognized governing student body for MBA programs at the Rotman School. By joining the GBC, you'll become part of a group of students who are passionate about creating a strong and energized Rotman community, and who work hard to bring about activities and initiatives that enhance the Rotman MBA experience.

As a first year Rotman student, student clubs will help you network with your peers and meet others who share your interests. In your second year, you'll have the opportunity to assume an executive position with a club or the GBC to gain valuable real-world leadership experience outside of the classroom. 

The social, networking and career-building activities centred around the student clubs at Rotman are an essential part of the MBA experience. Many students credit their career success with the interview preparation skills and alumni connections they gained access through their participation in clubs like the Rotman Finance Association (RFA) and Management Consulting Association (MCA). Whatever your interest, there’s a Rotman club for you – and if not, you can create one! For a complete club listing available at Rotman, visit the GBC clubs page:

Funds Management

Asset Management Association

The club prepares students students for careers in asset management through mentorship and networking opportunities, and provides them with expertise in topics such as private equity, portfolio management, fixed income and equity research.


Business Analytics Club

Analytics is a cross-industry skill that can be leveraged to build a career in various functions including marketing, finance, consulting, business design, and operations. To support students interested in building careers in these functions while integrating the increasing demand of analytics, RBAC also has collaborations with many of Rotman’s other clubs.

Business design club

Business Design Club

One of the most popular student groups at Rotman, the Business Design Club partners with Rotman DesignWorks to promote the practice of business design through skill-building workshops that help students master user-centered problem solving.

Business technology club

Business Technology Association

Highly engaged and adaptive, the club provides members with the resources and opportunities needed to advance their professional goals and advance their ability to turn technology into a competitive advantage. Learn how technology firms compete and how innovation makes companies competitive.

energy and natural resources club

Energy and Natural Resources Association

The club aims to help students launch successful careers in the energy and natural resources industry, in areas such as mining, hydro and oil. Students learn about the opportunities in these fields through fireside chats and other networking events, panel discussions and industry nights.

Engineering club

Engineers in Management

Joining the strengths of industry and academia, the club supports its members through the journey to becoming successful management professionals. Learn how to write a compelling resume, build a strong network and ace your job interviews to secure a fulfilling position.

Entertainment club

Entertainment and Media Association

The growth of the entertainment industry, and innovations in social media, film, television, radio and digital have created opportunities where none existed before, and created a demand for talented and effective managers. Meet industry experts at speaking events, fireside chats and company tours.

Entrepreneurship club 2

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association

Entrepreneurs have the courage, insight and vision to turn an idea into an innovative company that has the potential to change the lives of millions. If you are interested in launching your own venture, becoming an innovator or working in the venture capital industry please join us.

Financial Reporting

Finance Association

Rotman's largest and most popular club, the Finance Association hosts industry receptions, senior industry guest speakers, Super Saturday training programs, competitions and interview training to give members the tools they need to enter an increasingly competitive industry.


Healthcare Management Association

Health care represents a huge and growing sector in industrialized economies. With close ties to both industry and Rotman's Centre for Health Sector Strategy, the club attracts students looking for positions in hospital administration, medical devices, bio-pharma, insurance, new ventures and finance.

Human capital club

Human Capital Club

The club is led by a group of passionate students who believe in the importance of developing each of its members to their full potential. Our members are exposed to opportunities to hone their leadership skills through professional development and education.


LINKS is a mentorship program that fosters engagement between undergraduate students at the University of Toronto and MBA students at the Rotman School of Management. Both male and female Rotman students mentor undergraduate, female-identifying students to help propel them to become future leaders in their chosen industries.


Management Consulting Association

Working with the career centre and with partners in industry, the club equips its members with the knowledge and tools they need to launch a career in this exciting field. The club hosts prep sessions, networking and speaking events, and some of the school's most popular case competitions.

Marketing club

Marketing Association

From orientation to graduation, the club strives to inform, educate and provide a network to MBA students interested in marketing. Whether you're a career switcher or an experienced professional, gain the tools you need to succeed in a career in marketing, sales and strategy.

Net Impact

Net Impact

The local chapter of an international community of more than 60,000 students and professional leaders spanning six continents, Net Impact creates positive social and environmental change through corporate social responsibility, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.


Operations Management Association

Our vision is to help students learn about the roles in operations management, network with industry professionals and explore exciting careers in consulting, strategy, process improvement and supply chain management

Real estate club

Real Estate Association

Our mission is to enhance the Rotman experience for students interested in real estate through education and industry exposure. We encourage our members to learn about the industry and build relationships with professionals through a series of workshops, panels, and speaking and networking events.


Risk Management Association

Since the financial downturn of 2008, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for experts in risk management and compliance. This club prepares students who excel at finance and quantitative analysis for careers in this in-demand sector.

sales club

Sales Club

We believe in “The Art of Selling” to educate and enable students to develop excellent salesmanship. Our vision is to be a valuable resource for students to improve networking effectiveness and learn communication skills and, ultimately, to become a close-knit community of professionals with wide-ranging career aspirations. You don’t need to be or looking for a sales career to be part of our community!

Sports club 2

Sports Business Club

The club seeks to educate members about the sports industry, facilitate networking opportunities and provide students with a fun social experience. Worried about your lack of athleticism or ignorance of sports? Don't worry. We can attempt to explain everything from finger-wrestling to haggis hurling.

women in management

Women in Management Association

WIMA fosters the growth, development and advancement of women who are seeking senior level decision-making roles in business. We provide a support network that our members can use for career discovery and skill building, and offer a social space to network and have fun.

african canadian club

African and Caribbean Business Club

The club aims to integrate the African, Caribbean and minority student body within the Rotman community through various cross-cultural networking and social activities, and promote learning and development through diversity. Join one of our networking events to see what we have to offer.

asia club

Asian Business Association

Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. Founded in 2004, the club strives to bridge the cultural differences between North America and the Asia-Pacific and help international students settle into their new lives in Toronto.

latin america club

Latin American Business Club

The club arose out of a growing interest in emerging markets and from the strong relationship between Latin American countries, Canada, and the United States. We aim to help Latin American students make the transition to their new home, and build ties with the entire Rotman community.

South asia club

South Asian Business Association

The club focuses on the cultural, social and business strengths of South Asia. Activities in the past include celebrating the major festivals of South Asia, networking events, career counseling and parties for the whole Rotman student body.


Active Association

The Rotman Active Association is dedicated to helping students balance daily demands with physical and mental wellbeing, through outdoor sports and stress management activities in a relaxed, inclusive environment

Golf and ski club

Golf and Ski Association

Outdoor sports promote a healthy lifestyle and offer valuable opportunities to build business and networking skills. If you have an aptitude for the game of golf and the sport of skiing and snowboarding, or are eager to learn, you're welcome to join us.

JDMBA club

JDMBA Students Association

The association is for those enrolled in the JD/MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and the Rotman School, and aims to ensure that all it students in the joint program enjoy a positive academic and extracurricular experience.

Rotman Music Club

Performing Arts Club

“No music, no life” - Rotman Music connects students who have a passion or interest for music, both musicians and non-musicians, and enhances their MBA experience by providing them with an entertaining set of music related activities including concerts, music trivia, jam sessions, world music events, music lessons and much more. Join us and don’t miss out on the fun!

Negotiations club

Negotiation Club

The club provides a platform for its members to develop their negotiation and leadership skills through events and live simulations, speaker series, domestic and international competitions, and other opportunities to meet, greet and network.

sales club

Sales Club

We believe in “The Art of Selling” to educate and enable students to develop excellent salesmanship. Our vision is to be a valuable resource for students to improve networking effectiveness and learn communication skills and, ultimately, to become a close-knit community of professionals with wide-ranging career aspirations. You don’t need to be or looking for a sales career to be part of our community!

the letters club

The Letters at Rotman

Difference and diversity, including sexual diversity, are increasingly recognized as a fundamental strength of any organizations. A home for Rotman’s LGBTQ students and their friends and allies, the Letters offers opportunities for networking, self-development and fun.

Wine club

Wine Society

Wine is a staple of civilized society and a key ingredient of many networking and social events. Join our club to sample wine and learn how these fine beverages were created and brought to market. You may even get to visit new venues around town and learn about other cultures.

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