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MFin students & alumni stories

The program is designed for motivated finance professionals who are looking to make the most of their career potential.

At Rotman, our students are our key strength. Learn more about them in regularly updated profiles and feature stories.

Image of Brooke, MFin '21, CFA

Brooke Biscoe, MFin '21, CFA

“The MFin program helped me refine my perspectives and understandings of markets. Throughout my graduate journey, there was a constant formative exchange of opinions and knowledge. The program helped me make strides toward achieving my professional goals and aspirations.”

Image of Emily, MFin '22, CFA

Emily Halverson-Duncan, MFin '22, CFA

“I’m excited to be working in a role where I am constantly learning. Every day is challenging and engaging,”

Image of Brittany, MFin '21, CFA

Brittany Miranda, MFin ‘21, CFA

“This program will challenge you to grow and improve as a finance professional. A great amount of time is spent studying many types of investments, but you'll learn the most important investment is the one you make in yourself. The Rotman MFin's return on investment is second to none."

Image of Robert, MFin '22

Robert Dionne, MFin ‘22, CFA, CPA, CMA, DMS, FCSI

"The Rotman MFin is a comprehensive program of high-quality instruction, hands-on applied learning and group collaboration."

Image of Karen, MFin '21, CFA

Karen Steinmann, MFin ‘21, CFA

“Rotman has an incredible community. Everyone, from your peers, program managers and professors is always approachable. And the alumni are eager to connect with you due to their shared educational background.”

Image of Jonathan, MFin '21

Jonathan Zhao, MFin '21

“I want to keep expanding my skillsets and interests into multiple fields rather than being strong in just one.”

Image of Talal, MFin '22

Talal Alam-Eddine, MFin ’22, FRM

"In addition to covering traditional subjects such as corporate valuation and portfolio management, I liked that the program addresses some of the latest innovations in the industry – particularly fin tech."

Image of Emma, MFin '22

Emma Liu, MFin '22

“The MFin program not only offers a great academic curriculum but also provides us with the opportunities to enhance our leadership and management skills.”

Image of Sarah, MFin '22

Sarah Wang, MFin '22

“This program is helping me level up my leadership and team management skills and paving my road to joining the next generation of female leaders in finance.”

Image of Penny, MFin '20

Penny Du, MFin '20

“With job searching, you need a bit of luck, and luck is nothing without having the skills to capitalize on it.”

Image of Laura Garzon

Laura Garzon, MFin '20

“Basic coding skills don’t cut it anymore, it’s the era of big data on Wall Street and Bay Street. Banks and financial institutions are after talent that has a grip on technology.”

Image of Paul Heakes

Paul Heakes, MFin '21

"The MFin program is extremely valuable for those looking for a more in-depth professional and technical credential focused on the finance industry."

Image of Stanton Strasser, MFin '20

Stanton Strasser, MFin '20

“Rotman has an excellent faculty that is constantly keeping pace and addressing the most current topics in finance.”

Image of Harsh, MFin '21

Harsh Ruparelia, MFin '21

“I have a friend who I met during my engineering undergrad who graduated from the MBA at Rotman in 2018. His advice was clear – when it comes to finance, it’s Rotman. Don’t even give it a second thought."

Image of Pei Wen, MFin '19

Pei Wen (Steven) Lin, MFin '19

"Student associations often host case competitions that involve industry experts coming in as panel judges, and offer various interview prep/career advice sessions, which I have learned from past members to be incredibly useful and a great way to get your hands dirty."

Image of Jack, MFin '20

Jack Zhu, MFin '20

"I did not expect to be able to take part in so many different activities and meet so many individuals outside of my MFin cohort."

Image of Safiya, MFin '20

Safiya Bannister, MFin '20

"The professors bring the perfect balance of academics and real-life experience to the classroom.  Additionally, the recent changes to the program to include a focus of the impact of technological innovations within finance was another reason why I chose Rotman."

Image of Frances, MFin '20

Frances Wu, MFin '20, P.Eng

"The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Intro course has expanded my vision in the entrepreneurship and startup world – multiple paths can lead to value creation and value capture of tech startups, and entrepreneurship strategies and choices are made based on sophisticated analysis and various decision criteria."

Image of Varun, MFin '20

Varun Chandra, MFin '20

"A lot of traditional ideas about investment and risk management are being replaced by new tools and theories, and the program seemed like a great way to get real insight into the latest and most important developments in finance."

Image of Sabrina Wu

Sabrina Wu, MFin '17

“The real value of the MFin program is that it teaches you how to think and how to ask better questions.”

Image of Julian, MFin '19

Julian Gu, MFin '19

“I look at the program in terms of the return on investment. The work I put in — studying, building a network, preparing for career path — came together and really paid off.”

Image of Sofia Chrysochoidou

Sofia Chrysochoidou, MFin '18

“Have a clear vision of where you want to take your career, and communicate it with confidence.”

Image of Jason LeBlanc

Jason LeBlanc, MFin '11

“My advice to students is to get a handle on leadership skills, ethics and governance in a corporate environments now, while they have access to professors and classmates with so much experience. In the long run, it will serve them.”

Image of Manpreet, MFin '19

Manpreet Singh Sandhu

“What does it take for a startup to succeed? Work with one to find out.”

Image of Ashley Warburton

Ashley Warburton, MFin '17

“Girls need to be fully aware of the opportunities that are open to them. They can achieve success in their careers if they speak up for what they want, have a direction and aren’t afraid to go after opportunities.”

Image of Julie He

Julie He, MFin '18

“The experiences and perspectives that people bring to the table are what makes the classes so interesting.”

Image of Richard Wong

Richard Wong, MFin '12

“One of the important lessons I took away from the MFin experience was how much there is to know. There are new tools, techniques and concepts constantly being developed.”

Image of Damani Thomas

Damani Thomas, MFin '18

“When I researched Canadian business schools and looked at the quality of their programs, their professors and their campuses, Rotman was at the top of its class.”

Image of Christina Alexander

Christina Alexander, MFin '17

“It’s amazing to discover what your bandwidth really is. You stretch yourself.”

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