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November: Looking Forward - Joshua, MFRM Class of 2023

In January, after four months of study in the Master of Financial Risk Management program, I departed the classroom and journeyed to Toronto's financial district. In collaboration with my awesome partner, Claudia, we were tasked with constructing a tailor-made stress scenario by postulating a plausible risk event set to occur in 2023. Our objective was to produce astute insights, which we would then present to the bank's senior leadership. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work alongside the group treasury team responsible for overseeing all cash flows at the bank. This experience furnished me with a comprehensive view of the bank's operations. 

During the project, I was privileged to have the opportunity to establish connections with researchers and practitioners from diverse departments and teams, including Trading Floor Risk Management, Data Science, Asset Liability Management, and International Treasury Business. As our stress scenario is designed to cater to the bank's international exposures, our supervisors will arrange for us to meet with the VP of the IB department. This exposure will further broaden my network and enhance my understanding of the bank's operations. 

Working with an MFRM graduate and a dedicated team 

My teammate, Claudia, and I were fortunate to have Olivia Liu (MFRM '17), a fellow Master of Financial Risk Management graduate, as our supervisor during the project. Olivia's exceptional understanding of the program and her ability to connect us with professionals from various fields proved invaluable in our journey. Her extensive experience and unique perspectives helped keep us on track and provided us with in-depth knowledge during the project. In collaboration with our project directors, Olivia and Hamoon, we participated in weekly meetings to present our research findings. During these meetings, we received constructive feedback and were directed to resources such as data files and experts in specific fields, which enabled us to achieve our objectives. 

It was a gratifying experience to gain a holistic view of the financial institution and how its various product lines contribute to the bank's liquidity risk profile. This opportunity has undoubtedly enhanced my ability to think critically about risk management and approach it with a broader and more nuanced viewpoint.

Case Competition: BMO Global Asset Management ESG Investment 

In addition to my project experiences, I devoted time to participate in the BMO ESG Case Competition hosted by the Rotman Risk Management Association in partnership with BMO Global Asset Management. Our team was fortunate to secure second place, and I was humbled by the opportunity to learn about the industry in greater depth. The case competition offered several valuable benefits. Firstly, it provided a broader and more nuanced understanding of the industry. Secondly, solving a real market issue under tight deadlines allowed us to develop effective time-management and prioritization skills and rapidly comprehend new concepts and knowledge. Lastly, participating in case competitions facilitated easier networking with senior management in the industry. 

Looking ahead: March industry presentation 

The project will conclude in the second week of March, after which my colleagues and I will return to school for our second and final semester. Each group of students will present their achievements to the project sponsors in March. I am eagerly anticipating the insightful presentations my fellow colleagues will give and the valuable knowledge and skills gained through our nine-week industry practicum. 

The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full-time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance.


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