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MMA Online Datathon 2019: Participants Stories

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  • Name: Daerian Dilkumar
  • Previous education - BSc in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto 

Why did you decide to study the Master of Management Analytics program?

During my undergrad, I got quite taken with machine learning. I did a few pieces of research and produced a series of results including libraries to help push the field forward. 

However, I realized that while I had a working understanding of the mathematics behind these concepts, I would need a lot more domain knowledge to apply the theory to practice. Personally, I’m fond of speaking to others and having a bit of a social aspect to my work as well. So I did some research and found the field of data science. Digging into it a little more during my final year I was looking for master's programs that might allow me to start working in the data science field.

I found the MMA was a perfect marriage of expanding my knowledge on the technical side while still bringing the business domain knowledge I could leverage to best put my skills to practice. 

What were your top reasons for choosing Rotman?

I knew the quality of education I got from UofT was outstanding. I also knew Rotman has famous worldwide for the quality of its graduates as well as for being a communal center.

I found that it offered me a set of staff who would care for their students even after graduating and an excellent pool of professors who knew what they were going to teach.

In addition, the practicum aspect offered companies that I was interested in working at. The alumni I spoke to were exemplary at what they do after graduation, and their admiration for the program was inspiring. The thing that put it over the top was during the recruiting process the recruiting team was stellar at answering my questions and addressing all my concerns quickly and thoroughly. 

What are you looking forward to most in the program?

I had heard from the upper years that we would become like family during the program. I was super pumped to meet all the top-quality people I now study with, and to learn from them. Indeed, they inspire me even today to push on, study hard, and learn more about things I had never thought of.

Going to a business school also means we get the best in options for networking, career choices, and help in getting to where I wanted to go in the workforce after I graduated. 

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

I am expecting to fill in the gaps in my knowledge to perform at my top level when I join the workforce. This for me means gaining knowledge in various domains of business, as well as making new connections and friends I can rely on. I expect that my pre-existing skills will be further tuned, and my skillset will be augmented by brand new ones. 

How have you found the online experience at Rotman? 

I am an in-person sort of person. However, there is a strong online community both in and outside of class. I am enjoying my time and while I do miss being able to see my classmates in person, we don’t feel it because we’re always chatting and working together anyways.

The program offered us many ways to connect, from setting up virtual study halls, coffee chats, and various working teams so we always feel like have company.  

Did COVID-19 make you re-consider your decision to study this year, and if so, what made you decide to continue? 

I was always set on going to school this year. Even with COVID getting in the way, I’m glad I got to leverage the time to study and grow. I consider it a two-for-one deal – socially distance AND get an education all at the same time. 

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics, and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional. 

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