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About Me: Sunny, MMA Class of 2021

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  • Previous education - Bachelor of Mathematics in Statistics and Mathematics/Business Administration at the University of Waterloo

Why did you decide to study the Master of Management Analytics program?

Having had the opportunity to intern as a data analyst in many companies, I’ve grown to enjoy working with data and hope to develop a career in analytics. There has been an increasing demand for people with strong analytical and business backgrounds to process data and derive insights. I decided to join MMA because I want to refine my skills in analytics and decision making.  

What were your top reasons for choosing Rotman?

One of the top reasons I choose Rotman MMA is the Practicum project! I was very excited about the opportunity of being guided by industry professionals and tackling real world problems from the group up. Additionally, the program has an excellent reputation in the industry and strong alumni networks, I am looking forward learning from the best faculty members and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.  

What are you looking forward to most in the program?

I am really looking forward to the Practicum project. It will be an excellent opportunity for me to work with my classmates in developing solutions for a real-world business problem and making an impact.  

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

I not only expect to develop my technical and communication skills through the intensive curriculum but also hope to build connections with fellow classmates and alumni.  

How have you found the online experience at Rotman? 

The online experience has been good for me so far. The program service teams are really trying to help us in any way they can by creating regular coffee chat sessions, scheduling virtual study hall for students, and hosting various social events. Professors are also working hard to engage us during the online lectures and trying to provide us with the best learning experience. 

Did COVID-19 make you re-consider your decision to study this year, and if so, what made you decide to continue? 

Since I have a strong desire to develop my technical skills before going into the workforce after my undergrad, I didn’t reconsider my decision to study this year. I would like to have in-person lectures, but the online experience allows me to develop skills that may be necessary for the future, such as acting professionally in front of a camera and working with team members remotely.  

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics, and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional. 

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