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About Me: Yongli, MMA Class of 2021

Quick Info

  • Previous education - BA with Honours in Economics, University of British Columbia 

Why did you decide to study the Master of Management Analytics program?

When I was in the third year of my undergraduate degree, I got a chance to work on actual data about experimental research and finance. Although I only did basic processing and descriptive analysis of the data, I found the results contain so many useful information about the direction of solving the problem. Then, when I was working on my honor thesis, majority discussions in the paper were based on results from data analysis and model that built on the dataset through using Python. All these analytics-related experience in my undergraduate made me realize how powerful of analytical tools  are to dig out useful information from raw data and solve both managerial and analytical problems.  

Thus, when I know the MMA program delivers courses to train students to be analytical professionals in business setting, I am sure MMA is the right program to let me explore my potential in analytics with my strong economics background. Besides, it is a program recognized by Vector Institute, which means MMA’s curriculum design really provides students insights on AI and Machine Learning. Another reason that I am so interested in MMA is we could have chance to work in top-tier companies, manage actual dataset and solve real-world problems through the practicum. I don’t have much work experience, but I believe this opportunity provided by MMA will definitely make me be more advantageous for my future job hunting.  

What were your top reasons for choosing Rotman?

  • Various resources: opportunities to talk with industrial leaders, excellent alumni networks, professional career coaching and connections and cooperation with top-tier companies, which would provide us more preparation and channels for job hunting 

  • Rotman’s reputation and location  

  • High standard and expectation on students with rigorous curriculum. 

  • Strength in business aspect 

What are you looking forward to most in the program?

  • Hands-on project experience 

  • Advanced technical courses with the combination of technical tools’ applications 

  •  Learn not only from professors but also from classmates. MMA class includes students from diverse countries with different academic backgrounds, so as a student with economics background, I can learn many from the cohort. 

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

  • Connections and communications with industrial leaders, alumni and cohort 

  • Proficient skills in using analytical tools 

  • Communication skill for case presentation, interview and broadening networks 

How have you found the online experience at Rotman? 

The program is trying to communicate with students all the time about the online experience. MMA creates an engaging online environment to deliver the class effectively and provides many opportunities for students to interact with each other through team works, coffee chat and safe out-door activities held by program representatives. Thus, although students and professors do not have in-person chance to connect, the program puts many efforts on perfecting students’ online experience. 

Did COVID-19 make you re-consider your decision to study this year, and if so, what made you decide to continue? 

I was thinking about defer my offer before. However, it is reasonable to expect the remote study and working will be lasting for a long time even until next year. In addition, I don’t think I have proficient analytical skills and experience to enter into the job market, so study in MMA is crucial for me to be well-prepared for my job hunting in analytics field. Besides, MMA are so confident that they can deliver high-quality online courses and promote in person class as soon as possible. Thus, I decide to continue due to the above reasons. 

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics, and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional. 

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