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My job-hunting journey through the Analytics Mock Interview Program – Yuan Ji, MMA Class of 2021

Quick Info

  • Previous education - University of Toronto, Major in Computer Science and Statistics, Minor in Mathematics

Why did you decide to study the Master of Management Analytics program?

During my undergraduate internships, I felt the power of data and how data facilitate powerful business decisions, but it was just a very short explosion for me in the data science world. After I came back to school, I tend to choose more courses related to this area and found the more I learned, the more interested I got. I am eager to gain more knowledge and continue to build data-driven skills.

What were your top reasons for choosing Rotman?

At one of the events Rotman held, I had an opportunity to talk with academic directors and people work for Rotman. I met the kindest and brightest people, the overall positive environment left a deep impression on me. I want to be part of this amazing community is the biggest reason why I chose Rotman.

What are you looking forward to most in the program?

Meet new people, learn new things.

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

Gain more data analysis knowledge, able to look at questions from various angles, can tackle new problems that I don’t meet before with confidence, build a strong bond with my classmates.

How have you found the online experience at Rotman? 

The online learning experience is good so far, for sure moving everything online is a challenge for both professors and students. Rotman kindly provided bursary before the program started to support students to build a better internet environment. During the semester, professors were willing to try different platforms and landed on the one that works best for students. Rotman is still trying to hold as many events as before COIVD. In each event, you can clearly see they tried to engage everybody. It is different from normal, but Rotman is trying the best to support students.

Did COVID-19 make you re-consider your decision to study this year, and if so, what made you decide to continue? 

Yes, I reconsidered my decision many times. One of the strengths of Rotman is providing a platform for student to communicate with the outside world, I was worried about how much will be delivered online, also how the job market will react. But COVID-19 also taught me one thing, life is much more flexible than I think. If this is how the world will look in the near future, this is also a good practice.

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics, and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional. 

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