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December: Reflection on the past semester - Jad, MMA Class of 2023

“I can finally take a long break after 5 months of non-stop work!”  I said to myself after finishing my last exam on Dec 19th.  

As I look back at the past 5 months and reflecting on where I am now compared to how I started, I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. It had been a long and challenging journey, but I feel like I've come a long way in my development as a data analyst. 

Throughout the fall term, I focused on learning the foundations of data mining through four technical courses, each covered different aspect of leveraging data. We learned how to use tools like Python, SQL, R, and Excel to manipulate data and extract insights that could be used to make managerial decisions. The coursework included a mix of group projects, individual assignments, and presentations, and I was happy to be an active participant in class. 

Throughout the program, I've received a great deal of support from both the program services team and the career services team. There have been countless sessions on topics such as crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, how to approach a hiring manager, networking, and how to tell my career story in a short amount of time, tech talks in analytics, marketing, sales, or consulting… many more. I've also had the opportunity to work on my professional profile with the help of my career advisor, Kristina, who has always been there for me whenever I needed support or guidance. I remember how Kristina used to always tell me “You can tell me anything, I am not just here to help you get a job. If anything is bothering you, if you’re feeling stressed, I am here to provide aid”. This made me feel that I am in good hands. 

In the coming term, we'll be diving deeper into the use of data analysis in specific contexts such as marketing, logistics, and services. I'm excited to see how these concepts can be applied in the real world. 

As for my social life, I've gotten to know my classmates much better through group work and extracurricular activities. We've formed a close-knit community, and I've enjoyed the social events organized by the program services team. After the mid-terms we had a nice outing with students in other specialized master’s program, after the finals a celebration was arranged with prizes, raffles, and food, sometimes we get random callouts for free donuts between classes lol. The environment that the MMA team has created is very comfortable for everyone to express anything that bothers them. Not to forget, we have career, social, and diversity representatives that convey all our concerns to ensure our voice is heard. I, as a career rep for my section, meet with Kristina bi-weekly to discuss certain concerns carried over to me by my classmates, and sometimes we plan together future career events tailored towards the students’ needs.  

All in all, I'm halfway through the program and I'm looking forward to what the next semester has in store. Now that we’ve covered the foundations, I am intrigued to know more about how data analysis is utilized in real life. This is just a glimpse of what I have experienced at Rotman; I'm proud to be a part of the Rotman community and can't wait to see what the future holds. 

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics, and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional.

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