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October:  - Disha, MMA Class of 2023

October has always been a busy month for me. October is the festive season back home in India, there is always so much excitement around it. As it was my first October in Canada, it was no exception. The very first day started with an adventure. The Rotman Active Club organized an apple-picking event to kick off the month. We all went to a farm and picked apples to celebrate the arrival of autumn. It was my first time doing this activity, so I had a lot of fun and got to taste a lot of different types of apples, and concluded that my favourite is the honey-crisp.  

Image of Disha Apple Picking

October also marked the start of the Fall Term. We were forewarned of what was to come and told to be prepared as this was the “Hell Term”, (Actual name: The Tools Term). In this term, we were taught different tools and skills that we will need to know in order to master descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. It’s the one where we actually get our hands dirty and get deep into the code, and statistics of the models.  

Knowing how busy we were going to get; our cohort were equipped with a SharePoint to keep a track of all the assignments that were due this term. Personally, I was looking forward to what’s to come and excited to learn all the new things that were in store for me. This was also the month where we officially started to interact with our practicum hosts and working towards understanding their business goals. Aside from academics, we had a variety of career sessions and club-related events planned for this month, such as interview workshops and networking events. My favourite was when I was invited to the BCG office for a networking event hosted by the Management Consulting Association. 

Image of Disha at CN Tower











Through the October Datathon, I also had the opportunity to interact with prospective students for the 2023 intake. Last year around this time, I was participating in the same Datathon and had my sights set on Rotman’s MMA program. Here’s a snippet from my note's app from a year ago! 

 "I still have it because it serves as a personal reminder to be grateful, and if I ever find myself complaining about trivial matters, it grounds me and reminds me that this is exactly what I wanted a year ago." 

Image of Disha Screenshot

October was the month in which I became more acquainted with both the city and the university. The first two months were spent adjusting to the change and becoming acquainted with this new way of life. By this point, I’d learned more about the city and, I’d like to think, how to avoid getting on the wrong bus. 

Having said that, I was able to celebrate the festivals and experience the Indian festivities through UofT related events for both Dussera and Diwali. By the end of the month, the lovely leaves had begun to fall off. I was mentally preparing for the coming winter. But I had a bigger challenge to deal with: the midterm exam in early November. 

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