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Nyiesha participated in the first Rotman MMA datathon and joined the first MMA class which started in August 2018.

What made you decide to sign up to the Rotman MMA Datathon in 2017?

I decided to sign up to the Rotman MMA Datathon in 2017 because I wanted to experience Rotman at a different level. Partaking in the Datathon hosted by the MMA program was a way for me to see a glimpse of how the MMA program will run. In addition, the Rotman MMA Datathon was my first data analytics competition, which is another reason why I signed up.

Was the event what you expected?

I personally came into the event with no expectations, just to learn as much as I could with the SAS tutorial that was a session included at the Datathon. However, I did enjoy the event, and I am looking forward to the next Datathon that Rotman has to offer.

What were your fellow participants like?

Everyone that came out to the Rotman MMA Datathon had a different background. Few participants already had a full time job, while there were others who were just like me that was completing the final year of an undergraduate degree.

What was your highlight of the event?

The highlight of the event for me was meeting new people, and making connections. As well, working with a team to solve a complex dataset using the SAS platform. 

How much of an impact did it make in your decision to choose the MMA program?

Participating in the Datathon was a big factor to my decision in choosing the MMA program. First, I was able to meet the Recruitment and Admissions Team and had the ability to ask questions about the MMA. As well, the Director Dmitry Krass was very hands on with the Rotman MMA Datathon. He allowed the Datathon teams to join him in his office at anytime to ask questions about the dataset being analyzed. It was great to see how much the Director cared and was excited for the MMA program.

What advice/tips would you give to someone taking part in our Datathon in 2018?

For someone who is taking part of the Datathon in 2018, I would tell them to make sure that they come in with an open mind.

Do not be afraid to take chances when it comes to analyzing data. But most important is to make sure that they work as a team player with their Datathon team as some people will have different strengths in different areas and working collectively will give them a better chance at winning. 

Is there anything else you want to add about the event?

After participating in the event, one of the best moments was meeting two members of  the advisory board. One of the takeaways from the meeting, was that the most important aspect for someone interested in data is being a learner.

Currently now was an MMA candidate, I look forward to learning a variety of programming software's, along with working collaboratively with my fellow classmates, and learning from one another.

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