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Quick info

  • Graduating year: 2019
  • Current job title: Data Scientist, Cossette
  • Previous education: Mathematics Applications in Finance and Economics, University of Toronto

Why did you decide to study the MMA program?

I decided to study the MMA program because I wanted to connect what I learned from the academic environment to solving real-life problems in the industry.

MMA offers every candidate the necessary professional training as well as the exposure to various industrial opportunities.

What was your main reason for choosing Rotman?

  • One of the top business schools in Canada (reputation)
  • Huge but reliable alumni foundation, great connections in all domains
  • Some of the most well-known professors
  • All-round support from faculty

What was the highlight of the Rotman experience? 

The MMA provides enough resources and support for candidates who are self-motivated to pursue what they are passionate about. The resources not only include faculty staff, professors and career coaches, but also the help from your classmates who are also self-motivated and hardworking. I personally couldn’t imagine myself working as a Data Scientist after my graduation one year ago, but I managed to take advantage of all the opportunities: taking responsibility of the group project, participating in case comps, networking events etc. All of these had a huge impact on my career development.

Did Rotman and the MMA program meet your expectations?

Yes definitely. To be honest, I gained much more than what I expected before I entered this program. The MMA program broadened my horizon and opened me the door of a brand-new world. I would consider myself a much different person compared to who I was one year ago: not only that I have become a person who knows more about my career aspirations, I also developed myself the communication skills, the traits of a leader and much higher level of confidence when tackling hardships in my life.

How was your experience with the Rotman community?

Rotman has been a very friendly and helpful community for everyone to thrive in this environment. I was lucky to be a student at a School which is extremely knowledgeable in certain domains, and who are very willing to lend a hand to support the candidates in terms of giving out job searching advices and interview preparation tips.

What would you say to someone considering choosing the MMA?

The MMA would be an ideal program for you if you are interested in the field of analytics. I have seen successful candidates from all backgrounds who finally landed great positions in the industry, as long as you take the initiatives yourself to pursue your objectives. The MMA’s got your back whenever you needed them, and you will meet great friends.

What are your future plans?

I would really love to dig deeper into the field of Data Science since this is what I enjoyed doing throughout my explorations. I would say courses in Big Data helped me a lot, and I learned a lot chatting with my professors during my interview preparation. They are really amazing.

The Master of Management Analytics is designed to give students the advanced data management, analytics and communication skills needed to become an analytics professional.

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