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About Me: Clarence, MEMBA Class of 2022

Quick Info

  • Name: Clarence
  • Graduate Year: 2022
  • Morning or Evening MBA: Morning MBA

Why did you decide to join Rotman?

As Canada’s leading business school, Rotman provides me with experiential and hands-on learning opportunities to advance my career and grow as a leader. Located in the downtown core of Toronto, Rotman has a powerful network of working professionals and a variety of formats to meet my schedule. Offered before or after business hours, the Morning and Evening programs allow me to continue my career and apply what I learn at work immediately.

What is your career aspiration? 

Coming from an architectural background, I am always passionate to unleash my creativity to solve problems and improve the lives of countless people. My career aspiration is to drive social and economic growth through real estate development. The Rotman Morning and Evening programs allow me to gain a comprehensive framework of finance, management, and leadership, and mastering both business fundamentals and design creativity empowers me to pursue long-term value and community impact.

What are you enjoying about the program? 

I can talk about this all day long. There are just so many great things at Rotman, but I would like to emphasize the Self-Development Lab(SDL) here. SDL offers extensive modules to help me express myself effectively, understand people’s motivations, and inspire others into action. These self-management, presentation, interaction, and communication skills provided by SDL are extremely important for me to develop my leadership capability.

What is the experience in the cohort? 

The cohort culture at Rotman creates a special bond between both our morning and evening MBA classes. Classmates with diverse academic and industry backgrounds can contribute different expertises and perspectives to the learning environment. But this special relationship doesn’t stop after school, we grab drinks after work, BBQ and kayak on weekends, and even rent a cottage together for the summer vacation. This deep and meaningful Rotman relationship plays a vital role in our daily life now.

Have you been able to take advantage of extracurricular activities at Rotman - CDL, clubs, case competitions?

As the VP Communications at Rotman Real Estate Association(RREA), I collaborated with other executives on re-branding our club with a new logo and website. In this new semester, our team has successfully hosted virtual events to leverage alumni networks and the related social media campaigns have also attracted lots of attention in the industry. With the experience of participating in all three main case competitions in the Toronto real estate industry - Schulich Developers’ Den, Urban Land Institute(ULI) Hines, and NAIOP Development Challenge - currently, I co-leading with the other executive on planning our Rotman Development Case Competition upcoming early next year. I also represent Rotman on the Student Committee of ULI, the major real estate development organization in Toronto.

Share a networking experience you have had at the Rotman School, what benefits did you derive?

Our RREA Mentorship Program provides a high-quality and inclusive environment for us to enhance careers by building relationships with Rotman alumni in the industry. My mentor has shared tremendously valuable insights and network within the sector and this program has empowered me to be more proactive in planning and achieving my career goals.

Anything else you would like to share? 

My Rotman career coach has been super resourceful and supportive of my career planning. I have learned tremendous knowledge from skill-building one-on-one sessions and workshops and these networking etiquettes and strategies will play an important role in my future professional development.

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