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PhD Courses in Economic Analysis and Policy

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RSM 3010 Special Topics in the Economics of Technology and Innovation

The main intention of this course is to deliver students with a working knowledge of research in this area by studying some of the canonical work (both theoretical and empirical) and then exploring some of the frontier work. This will provide students both the basis on which to identify some of the important research questions as well as an understanding of the techniques that could be employed to address them. This course will focus on the following broad topics: Incentives to innovation (including patents and rewards), growth theory, and spin-outs.

RSM 3011 Advanced Topics in the Theory of Industrial Organization

This course has two objectives: i) to introduce students to the game-theoretic models that are the foundation of the modern theory of firm behavior and ii) to take students to the frontier of Industrial Organization Theory by introducing them to the latest research in the Field. The ultimate goal of the course is to help students develop research topics that will form the basis of their PhD thesis research.

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RSM 3012: Advanced Topics in Urban and Real Estate Economics

This course introduces students to the frontier of theory, methods and empirical evidence in urban and real estate economics. Topics include the analysis of local labor markets, land use theory, quantitative modeling of cities and regions, agglomeration, hedonic methods, urban transportation, local public finance, applied econometric methods for spatial data and housing and real estate. This course prepares students with many of the necessary tools to undertake their own research in urban and real estate economics or related fields.

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