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PhD Courses in Finance

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Rotman PhD courses in finance stream provide a strong base in finance theory, economics and empirical methods. Preview course offerings here.

Not all courses are offered each year/ each semester. Check with the PhD Office at for courses schedule information.

For a listing of courses across all areas please see here.

RSM 3030 Financial Theory I (first-year course)

This course covers capital market theory under certainty, risk, the expected utility hypothesis and time-state preference and capital and pricing models of security valuation. These models will be used to examine questions of portfolio formation, security selection and the notion of efficiency in financial markets. The emphasis is on statistic, single period models.

2014-2015 Course Outline RSM3030
Currently taught by: Liyan Yang

RSM 3031 Financial Theory II (first-year course)

This course extends 3030 to include an analysis of arbitrage-free financial markets and continuous time models of security valuation. Option pricing models, credit risk models and multi-period valuation models
will be analyzed in detail together with a discussion of agency problems in finance.

Currently taught by: Redouane Elkamhi

RSM 3032 Empirical Methods in Finance (second-year course)

This course develops an understanding of the econometric problems frequently encountered in testing the propositions of financial theory. The testing of asset pricing models, the event study methodology, the distribution of returns, the multivariate regression model and the power of different statistical tests will be developed in detail.

2015-2016 Course Outline RSM3032
Currently taught by: Raymond Kan

RSM 3033 Corporate Finance (second-year course)

This course reviews current and academic research in corporate finance. It covers both theory and empirical tests of the theoretical models.

2014-2015 Course Outline RSM3033
2015-2016 Course Outline RSM3033
Currently taught by: Sergei Davydenko and Alexander Dyck

RSM 3034 Topics in Empirical Finance (second-year course)

This course provides the tools needed to model time-varying volatility and correlation as well as unvariate and multivariate non-normality in asset returns. These tools are subsequently used in financial applications including option valuation, risk management and portfolio allocation.

Currently taught by: Peter Christoffersen

RSM 3090/3091 Research Topics in Finance (second-year course)

This course is taught by six to nine different Rotman faculty members who each teach during one or two weeks during the semester. The individual faculty member presents classic papers in a particular area of the literature and, discusses his or her own recent work in the area, and directs the students to current research topics if interest. Research areas covered include: Delegated asset management, behavioural finance, market microstructure, corporate governance, and human capital in asset pricing.

2014-2015 Course Outline RSM3091
Currently taught by: Tom McCurdySusan Christoffersen, Mikhail Simutin, Jason Wei, Lisa Kramer, Ling Cen, Sabrina Buti, and Alexander Dyck.