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PhD in OBHRM: Required Courses

Our Strength: Our Program

Rotman offers PhD level courses specifically created to provide you with the methodological and theoretical training required for exceptional research in your field. Required courses are chosen to provide the maximum benefit to your academic development. Learn more about the curriculum in the doctoral program for the OBHRM stream.

Major Field Requirements

RSM 3060 Advances in Human Resource Management

RSM 3062 Methods and Research in Organizational Behaviour

RSM 3064 Advanced Topics in Organizational Behaviour

RSM 3065 Meso Organizational Seminar

RSM 3090 Quantitative Methods in the Applied Behavioural Sciences

Minor Field Requirements

Two minor fields are required. These requirements are satisfied by taking two graduate courses in each area. Depending on the individual's research interests, several focuses are available:

Organizational Behaviour
Minor in Social Psychology, Industrial Relations, or Organization Theory
Methodology and Measurement
Minor in Multivariate Statistics, Scale Construction
Human Resource Management
Minor in Industrial Relations or Social Psychology or Organization Theory

Research Project

By the end of the second year, students must have completed an empirical project that the faculty deems to be presentable at a major conference. The project should consist of a complete, regular-length manuscript (i.e., about 30 pages of text plus references, tables, figures, etc.).