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RSM 2021 Corporate Strategy

Here are some database suggestions to get started with: 


There are multiple companies out there with the same name. It can be helpful to search with the name and the geographic region or industry.

CB Insights - you need to register for this database. Search by company name and you'll find links to industry trends and information as well. 

EMIS (click on client login in the upper right corner to access) - contains company and industry information, news articles, analyst reports, etc. from around the world, including Nigeria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. There are documents translated into English available. North American and western European coverage is limited; the focus is outside of those regions. 

eMarketer - has a small business banking industry section. 

If you are looking for information on doing business in other countries, try:

Doing Business In from the World Bank. They have reports for Nigeria, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Click on "Download Profile" for the latest report. 

Try searching for consulate or embassy websites. If there are government departments for trade and investment, they may have resources in English even if English is not one of the country's official languages). Nigeria has a High Commission in Ottawa. The Czech Republic's Toronto Consulate has a list of consulates and embassies in Canada as well as additional information. Poland's list for Canada is available here. Try searching for industries of interest within these sites. 

The list of Canadian embassies in various countries (with links to websites) is here. You can use it to find trade agreements or other cooperative agreements between Canada and another country. 

Look for local business reports, for example from consulting for law firms. See if there's local branches of PWC, KPMG, E&Y, etc. or if they have any reports. For example, PWC's Nigeria publications.


CB Insights - you need to register for this database. Search by company name and you'll find links to industry trends and information as well. 

eMarketer - Virtual reality reports and info. 

IBISWorld - try searching for fitness here; they don't have a virtual reality fitness report but do have general fitness ones that may provide market insight. 

Try the company name and different keywords in your searches - fitness, virtual cycling or racing, virtual reality and look for broader trends (apps, equipment, etc). It may also be helpful to search for more broadly known competitor companies or product names. 

For all - news articles are available in Factiva, ProQuest, and EMIS. NexisUni also has some news/trade magazine coverage (primarily global news and advertising trade publications). You can look up specific newspapers in the library catalogue or check out our links to periodicals for business students

For citation help, please see our list of suggested resources here. The McGill Business Sources Guide lets you check citation by database. 

If you require research assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of the librarians:

Holly Inglis

Sean Forbes