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Frank Ieraci

Frank Ieraci

Frank Ieraci

Adjunct Professor


Frank leads CPP Investments Active Equities department globally, including the Active Fundamental Equities, Fundamental Equities Asia, Direct Equity Investments Latin America, Relationship Investments, Sustainable Investing and Thematic Investing teams.

Frank was previously Managing Director, Head of Research and Portfolio Strategy at CPP Investments. In this role, Frank lead data-driven research efforts for Active Equities and was responsible for delivering alpha through active security selection driven by alternative data and advanced analytical techniques. He also oversaw Portfolio Strategy for Active equities, including managing portfolio design and construction.

Frank has also held several other positions at CPP Investments, including Managing Director, Head of Active Fundamental Equities. In that role he was responsible for managing a concentrated portfolio of equity investments and leading a team of sector specialists. As a leader and mentor within the organization, Frank has championed inclusivity and well-being, including reducing the stigma of mental health challenges in the workplace.

Prior to joining CPP Investments in 2007, Frank held roles in finance and pension investing, based in Toronto. He holds a BA in Economics and Management Science from Ryerson University, an Master of Financial Economics from the University of Toronto and is a CFA charterholder.