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Jennifer Riel

Jennifer Riel

Jennifer Riel

Adjunct Professor & Executive-in-Residence


MBA, Rotman School of Management


Jennifer Riel is an Adjunct Professor and an Executive-in-Residence at the Rotman School and serves as the GLobal Director of Strategy at IDEO. At Rotman, Jennifer was the Managing Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute’s Knowledge Infrastructure project, which included oversight of Rotman I-Think (an elementary and secondary school integrative thinking and design thinking program). In her role, Jennifer lead educational and knowledge sector initiatives, including writing, designing curriculum and teaching for a variety of audiences.

Featured Work

Jennifer has created and led custom workshops with large public and private sector organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia. She collaborated closely with MPI Academic Director Roger Martin on his writing, including The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking (2007), The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the New Competitive Advantage (2009), Fixing the Game: Bubble, Crashes and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL (2011) and most recently Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works (with A.G. Lafley, 2013). She has published articles in the Globe and Mail, Businessweek, Strategy Magazine and Rotman Magazine, as well on online at and the Daily Beast.

Jennifer received her MBA from the Rotman School of Management in 2006. Prior to joining Rotman, she worked as a project manager and copywriter in the retail and non-profit sectors.