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Cendri Hutcherson

Cendri Hutcherson

Cendri Hutcherson

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough


B.A., Harvard University; Ph.D, Stanford University



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Professor Hutcherson is the director of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory, and an Assistant Professor of Psychology with a cross-appointment in the Department of Marketing at the Rotman School of Management and membership in the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science. Her research uses a combination of behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG) to understand how people make decisions and why they sometimes make decisions they regret. Her research has focused on a wide range of topics, including altruism, moral decision-making, and self-control.

She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University before completing a postdoctoral scholarship in Neuroeconomics at the California Institute of Technology. Her research has been covered by several media outlets, including the Globe and Mail, CBC radio, and Good Morning America, and she recently received a prestigious Canada Research Chair in Decision Neuroscience.

Academic Positions

  • 2015-present

    Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough

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Research and Teaching Interests

Professor Hutcherson teaches courses in neuroeconomics, social neuroscience, and social cognition, in addition to giving lectures on the implications of her work for public policy and the law. Her research interests include the psychological and neural bases of altruism and cooperation, moral temptation, health behavior and dietary decision making, as well as the ways in which mobile technology can be used to help people build better habits.