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Ideas by year 2023

Time to rethink investor advice favouring low-fee funds

Research by Rotman Professor Mikhail Simutin is turning that advice on its head. Initially motivated to investigate the kinds of stocks both types of funds hold, a group of researchers found that prior studies failed to account for significant differences in the characteristics of those stocks and the risk they represent.

Two out of three corporate frauds go undetected, research finds

A study led by Professor Alexander Dyck suggests that in normal times only one-third of corporate frauds are detected. But the study estimates that on average 10% of large publicly traded firms are committing securities fraud every year.

Incivility reduces interest in what politicians have to say, shows research

Incivility is prevalent in society suggesting a potential benefit. Within politics, theorists and strategists often claim incivility grabs attention and stokes interest in what a politician has to say. In contrast, a study by Professor Mathew Feinberg finds incivility diminishes overall interest in what a politician has to say because people find the incivility morally distasteful.