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Asset Backed Commercial Paper: Resolution and Impact on Capital Markets

January 21, 2009 

Panel #1: Addressing Issues Arising from Canada’s ABCP Crisis ABCP Case Study: A Canadian-Made Solution

Events leading up to/following crisis 

  • Montreal Accord; Pan Canadian Investors’ Committee 
  • In hindsight, would you change anything? 
Financial aspects
Court aspects


Jeremy Fraiberg


Stephen Halperin

Goodmans LLP 

Andrew Kresse, MD

JP Morgan Securities – US Gale Rubenstein, Goodmans LLP 

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Panel #2: Are significant regulatory changes needed to prevent similar problems in the future? 

Issues discussed: 

a. Exempt Market
b. Credit Rating Agencies
c. Mark to Market
d. Complex financial products 


Chair – Purdy Crawford

Osler Andrew Kresse
MD, JP Morgan Securities – US 

Jim Turner

Vice-Chair, OSC 

Susan Wolburgh Jenah


Mark White

Senior Director, OSFI 

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Keynote Luncheon Speaker 

Tiff Macklem

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