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Conflict of Interest Statement

The Johnson Centre is largely funded by private donations from corporations that wish to support research into corporate governance.  In some cases, we rate these corporations as part of our Board Shareholder Confidence Index and other board ratings projects.  We acknowledge that this constitutes a material conflict of interest.  We work carefully with investors, public issuers and other stakeholders to ensure that our ratings criteria are developed impartially.  All of these criteria are available to the public.  In addition, all of the data used in our board ratings are gathered from publicly-available sources and can be scrutinized independently.  We have developed processes for training, data gathering and analysis that help to ensure that our research is conducted impartially, consistently and accurately. 

Visit our Patrons page for a list of our donors.  Please note that some donors wish to remain anonymous, and that in some cases these anonymous donors may also be subject to our board ratings exercises.