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It is now more imperative than ever to have a workforce that is adaptable to market changes. The requirement from professionals has gone beyond having team management, mentoring, leadership, and other qualitative skills — to also staying abreast of industry developments and best practices in business management to achieve their goals.

The Rotman School of Management has introduced an online MBA Essentials program, an interactive and fastgrowing approach to enhanced business education, to equip you with the knowledge and insight to make strategic and operational decisions in any industry.

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Learn - Unlearn - Relearn
the disciplines of MBA

The program will enable you to:

  • Understand the modern day principles behind an MBA and how they address contemporary business challenges
  • Understand the prominence of marketing for business growth
  • Identify opportunities for business transformation based on macroeconomic trends and implement them
  • Deep dive into finance, technical, and marketing skills to optimize business operations
  • Formulate an action plan to create or support diversity and inclusion programs within your organization
  • Improve your managerial proficiency to move strategically and tactically




Module 1: Macroeconomic Trends

Compare and contrast the economic recessions in 2008 and 2020, and learn about recovery patterns. Identify opportunities for change in your organization based on macroeconomic trends. 

Module 2: Accounting

Understand the basics of capital markets, the role of accounting, and the purpose of financial reporting. Learn to evaluate financial statements, and apply knowledge of financial reporting to real-world cases.

Module 3: Finance

Examine the importance of financial markets and learn how they enable and discipline corporations. Understand how companies make investment decisions, and appraise a finance project based on the four investment decision rules.

Module 4: Strategy

Define strategy and learn about strategic decisions that determine how companies are positioned in the market. Explore the levers of competitive advantage and change management, and examine ways to implement change in your organization.

Module 5:Marketing

Assimilate the core concepts of marketing and the strategies that lead to growth. Recognize the importance of marketing, especially in developed economies and commoditized marketplaces. Examine marketing strategies that would lead to growth in your own organization.

Module 6: Diversity and Inclusion

Identify the distinction between diversity and inclusion, and learn about equality, equity and justice. Recognize the gaps between intentions and actions, and develop an action plan for behavioural change to remedy diversity and inclusion problems in your organization.

For full details about the curriculum, including the session schedule, please download the brochure.

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Dates and fees

4-6 hours per week over 6 weeks, virtually 

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Participant profile:
Professionals from early to mid-career looking to build their business acumen, learn about the Canadian and American markets, learn how to think cross-functionally and increase their upward mobility; Managers looking to diversify and grow their professional networks

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$2,700 CAD