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Rotman's Business Readiness Certificate

Your degree prepared you to solve tough problems. A certificate from Rotman can show employers you're ready to do the work.

Show employers you're ready.

Gain further business acumen to get a head start in your career and diversify your skill set.

Rotman’s Business Readiness Certificate will signal to employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the workforce, giving you a strategic advantage in a constantly changing job market.

By earning your Business Readiness Certificate from the Rotman School of Management, you’re attaining tangible proof of your achievement and understanding of the latest business insights, all while demonstrating a commitment to continued learning.

With this certificate, recent graduates and young professionals with a background in arts and sciences can accelerate their success and expand their career options. 


Why a certificate?

  • Gain business acumen that will help you throughout your career
  • Earn a certificate proving your accomplishment
  • After your first program, save 25% off eligible Rotman Executive Programs

How does it work?

Choose either the fully online path or the hybrid path. In both, you'll take two foundational business courses:

In the hybrid path, your third course will be Negotiations for Business Readiness. In the fully online path, you can choose your third course from the following list:

For example in the online path, you could take MBA Essentials, Financial Acumen, and Healthcare Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Conversation:

Hailed by UNESCO as a key to global prosperity, ‘lifelong learning’ has become a watchword for educators envisioning the development of a future workforce fit to address the many challenges faced by the world. Yet examples of lifelong learning provision in practice are rare in a business context. Read a short interview between IEDP Developing Leaders and Executive Director Stephanie Hodnett of Rotman Executive Programs to learn more.

Read our official announcement: Rotman launches Business Readiness Certificate to help new grads succeed in the workforce.

OSAP Funding for Micro-Credentials

The Ontario Student Assistance Program has recently begun to offer funding for micro-credentials, including a limited number of Rotman Executive Programs. This new resource is part of Ontario’s micro-credentials strategy, helping learners access more opportunities to train or upskill for in-demand jobs through loans and grants. This micro-credential benefit refers specifically to short, professional development programs like those offered through Rotman Executive Programs.

Visit the OSAP Micro-Credentials website for OSAP information and application instructions. 

How to Enrol

Once you have selected a micro-credential program and confirmed its OSAP eligibility, apply for the program. Log-in to your OSAP account to apply for funding for micro-credentials.

The process requires you to fill out a form from University of Toronto Enrolment Services, which you can download here. You can submit your form to ExecutivePrograms@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca with your information to get assistance in completing the form.

 For questions regarding the OSAP Micro-Credential funding, eligibility or application process, please contact UofT's Enrolment Services directly at, or by phone at 416-978-2190 for assistance.


Participants are responsible for understanding and abiding by Rotman Executive Programs' and its partners' application policies and OSAP's eligibility requirements and terms.  

Accelerate your path to success.

For additional questions regarding the Business Readiness Certificate, please view our FAQs above or email