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Academic Plan 2022-2027

Rotman’s strategic goals and the priorities we’ve set to achieve them are detailed in Purpose into Action: Academic Plan 2022–2027.

Our five-year plan maps out the specific steps by which we’ll work to fulfill our purpose as a leading business school and a catalyst for impactful learning, research and public engagement. Rotman creates value for business and society by designing more resilient organizations. By driving innovation and analytical rigour. And by helping build more sustainable societies — the key to long-term prosperity.

Developed through a months-long process that included in-depth consultations with all key stakeholders and a comprehensive review of current and proposed programs and initiatives, our academic plan serves as both a roadmap guiding us forward and a yardstick for measuring progress as we put our purpose into action.

Our key goals

1. Advance the frontiers of management thinking

We will maintain Rotman’s place among the global leaders in management research by aiming high and fostering excellence within a vibrant and inclusive community of inquiry.

2. Deliver transformational management education

We will expand and deepen the learning opportunities we offer students, supporting them with new and enhanced programming and environments.

3. Take insight to impact

We will leverage our teaching and research through public engagement, collaborating with Rotman’s diverse community on creative solutions to pressing business, economic and social challenges.

4. Create a more diverse and welcoming community

We will evolve Rotman’s supportive and collaborative culture to ensure our school is a place where everyone feels welcome, heard and valued.

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