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Intercultural Skills Lab

The Intercultural Skills Lab recognizes the challenges you face when navigating new and diverse work cultures. 

Whether you are new to Canada, manage multicultural teams, or both, we offer solutions to optimize diversity in current globalized workforces. 

For more than 10 years, our programs have equipped professionals with the tools, insights, and real-world experience to advance into new work environments while still channeling the skills and expertise that have shaped their careers so far.

About Us

ISL Programs For:

Internationally Educated Professionals

Business Edge Finance

Business Edge Change Management

Career Shift  - Supply Chain Management or Tech Sales

Managers leading Diverse Teams 

The Intercultural Leader

Discover the Best Program For You

The Intercultural Skills lab offers programs designed to:

Navigate and succeed in globalized workforces and sectors


Challenge and reclaim how international experience is valued


Establish and action solutions that use intercultural competencies to drive performance