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How are publicly-traded corporations controlled?

Resolving regional differences in environmental, social and governance disclosure with a global standard for jurisdictional requirements

This report examines the jurisdictional differences in corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure practices, and the effects on companies from the gaps in ESG disclosure regulation. A key finding from the report suggested a formalized global process for ESG disclosure would mitigate the potential jurisdictional conflicts that confront companies operating outside of their regulated zones. The report looks into prominent ESG disclosure frameworks and determines what would be needed to achieve a global standard for jurisdictional ESG disclosure requirements.

How are publicly-traded corporations controlled?

The Digital Tsunami: How Boards Are Adjusting

David Beatty collaborates with Google’s former Chief Evangelist Nick Darveau-Garneau, and Rotman School Guest Lecturer to explore how boards are adjusting to the acceleration in digital transformation. Based on the findings from their study, Beatty and Darveau-Garneau provide six recommendations on how companies can succeed in the competitive global marketplace long-term.

Published in Rotman Management Magazine Winter 2023 edition. Subscribe to Rotman Magazine for additional stories.

Corporate Governance Insights: Ontario Long-Term Care

In 2021, researchers at the David & Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation embarked on a project to learn and share insights about corporate governance in Ontario’s long-term care organizations. This report summarizes the findings of our research, in five parts. In part one, a brief background on long-term care, and what the system looks like in Ontario...

From window-dressing to real change: Success stories from Boards on a journey of Diversity & Inclusion

This new report builds on the 2021 report Not-For-Profit Board Diversity & Inclusion: Is It Essentially Window-Dressing? by discussing the experiences of six leading not-for-profit organizations, and the advice of four leading executive search consultants. The co-authors share practical advice about recruitment strategies to achieve diversity goals; overcoming barriers to building diversity and inclusion and more.

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