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Business Edge Change Management

Business Edge Change Management

Drive your career forward by learning to implement change no matter your industry.

Organizations are shifting and intensifying, accelerating the need for change managers. Business Edge Change Management will let you bring your international experience to develop practical solutions and help your organization become more effective.


This innovative program for internationally educated professionals will equip you with the tools, frameworks, and skills to become a successful change agent.


Combine your international experience with in-demand change management skills to become a successful change agent. Move your career forward by utilizing your IT, Sales, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, or Project Management background to stand out as a strong change agent. 


About the program

Key highlights:

  • Earn a certificate from the Rotman School of Management.
  • Learn the most up-to-date best practices, skills, and real-world experiences from faculty and industry leaders.
  • Manage your career and continuously enhance your communication skills, intercultural intelligence, and professional network.
  • Develop change management strategies and guide your organization to become more effective post-pandemic. 
  • Create a unique change model to energize teams and accelerate change process. 

Participant profile

  • Middle to senior managers with international experience.
  • Working or worked in Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, or Project Management.
  • Aspiring to work as a change manager in your industry or lead change projects.
  • A growth mindset and a strong commitment to be flexible, open to receiving feedback, and taking action.


Program Dates

18 March 2023

Application Deadline

18 February 2022

Program fee


*Financial support available through OBPAP













Program Themes 

Advanced Communication

Be seen as a leader by learning how to use impactful language.

Learn the nuances of inclusive language.


Choose strategies that help you connect with people of diverse backgrounds.

Intercultural Intelligence

Develop an in-depth understanding of your cultural values, interaction style, and how they affect your interactions.


Learn to adapt behaviours across cultures while staying authentic to core values.


Explore the dynamics of leveraging the diversity of teams as a leader.

Change Management

Learn the impact of transformative, effective change management strategies.


Lead, implement, and develop change models.

Career Management

Recalibrate and manage your career.


Rebrand your international experience for the Canadian market. 

Program dates and schedule


Program Format

  • Instructor-led webinars on Wednesday evenings and 13 Saturday mornings 
  • 8-10 hours per week of self-paced online study
  • Dedicated mentoring program, employer guest lectures, and online networking opportunities with peers


Advanced Communication 

  • Developing a pathway to success
  • Networking
  • Resume & interview bootcamp 

Intercultural Intelligence 

  • Intercultural communication competence
  • Authentic communication

Career Management 

  • Career accelerator workshops

Change Management

  • Leading change
  • Systemic thinking
  • Understanding resistance

Faculty and instructors

Jia Lin XieAnn Armstrong >>

Academic Director, Business Edge Change Management
Director, Social Enterprise Initiative

Jia Lin XieAnny Fong >>

Sessional Instructor, Rotman School of Management

Jia Lin XieMichael Kobrin >>

Founder, Creaity

Jia Lin XieMelissa Magder >>

Career Coach, Cultures in Motion
Advisor of Strategic Initiatives, Region of Peel

Jia Lin XieLiza Robertson >>

Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Jia Lin XieCarolyn Meacher >>

Chief People Officer, dentsu international

Sarah Neville >>
Founder and Principal of Open Line


Fees and payment



*Financial support available

*OBPAP eligible


  • Tuition
  • All Program materials
  • Completion certificate
  • Online networking opportunities


A deposit of $387 of the program fee is required at the time of application.  The balance of the program fee will be due after the program start date.  


If the Program is employment-related training, Rotman must receive a letter from the employer confirming that the Program constitutes such training within the meaning of Canada Revenue Agency Interpretation Bulletin IT-470R.  Generally, the Bulletin states that where the training is taken for the benefit of the employer, there is no taxable benefit to the employee.

If the tuition fee is paid for by the employer, it is the employer’s responsibility to determine whether or not the fees paid on behalf of the individual is a taxable benefit and should be included on his/her T4 slip.


If an employer has not sanctioned that the Program is being taken for employment reasons, any discounts are taxable benefits to the individual participant and should be included on the individual’s tax return.

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