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Winning the War Against Short-Termism in is the Focus of the New Issue of the Rotman International Journal for Pension Management.

September 29, 2014

Toronto – It’s a simple concept. Because our commitment to pay pensions goes out decades, so should our time horizon for thinking about investing. The Fall 2014 issue of the Rotman International Journal for Pension Management takes a look at “Long-Termism and Pension Management” on how a new approach can provide successful pension investment returns as well as benefit the entire global economy.
“The articles in this issue collectively show, long-termism is indeed a critical success element both in pension investing and in pension design,” says journal editor Keith Ambachtsheer. “And there are real-life cases of remarkable long-term investment results that can be traced directly back to investors’ willingness and ability to actually practice long-termism over extended periods.”

With contributions from pension practitioners and academics, the journal is published by the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management (Rotman ICPM) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

In addition to an article by Ambachtsheer on The Case for Long-Termism, articles in the Fall 2014 issue covers topics from handling climate change risk to successful pension design.
•    A guest editorial – From Skeptic to Cautious Optimist: A Practitioner’s View of Long-Termism by Theresa Whitmarsh;

•    Asset Allocation and Bad Habits by Andrew Ang, Amit Goyal, and Antti Ilmanen;

•    Reconnecting the Financial Sector to the Real Economy: A Plan for Action by Edward J.Waitzer and Douglas Sarro;

•    Rethinking Investment Performance Attribution by Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Leo de Bever, Roman Chuyan, and Ashby Monk;

•    How Should Investors Manage Climate-Change Risk? by Howard Covington and Raj Thamotheram;

•    Barriers to Long-Term Cross-Border Investing: A Survey of Institutional Investor Perceptions by Rachel Harvey, Patrick Bolton, Laurence Wilse-Samson, Li An, and Frédéric Samama;

•    Demystifying Pension Design: Clearer Principles Foster Better Practices by Thomas van Galen, Theo Kocken, and Stefan Lundbergh; and,

•    Reforming American Public-Sector Pension Plans: Truths and Consequences by Roel Beetsma, Zina Lekniute, and Eduard Ponds.

Journal articles are available at no charge online at or as a flipbook at Articles can also be downloaded from SSRN at
The next issue of the Journal is scheduled for release in Spring 2015.
The mission of the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management (Rotman ICPM) is to be an internationally-recognized, high-impact catalyst for fostering effective pension design and management. Its four primary tools to achieve this goal are the funding of objective and transformative research, the organization of interactive, action-oriented discussion forums, the publication of a readable journal relevant to professionals in the pensions and related fields, and the delivery of the globe's leading governance education program for Board members of pension and other long-horizon investment institutions. Further details on the Centre, including access to the Rotman Journal of International Pension Management, are available at


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