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Meet Alvin Zhang, MBA '10

Alvin Zhang, a Portfolio Risk Management Analyst at Bruce Power, belongs to a very special group of Rotman alumni who have attended Reunite@Rotman every year since the beginning, watching it grow into a premiere homecoming weekend. We spoke with Alvin about his Rotman experience and what keeps bringing him back to the School.

Alvin Zhang

This is your third year at Reunite@Rotman, what keeps you coming back?

I enjoy being a part of the Rotman community. I want to help this community to grow and grow myself with it.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background.

Right after Rotman, I joined Bruce Power energy trading division and focused on Portfolio Risk Management. After seven years, I am still very interested and happy working in the ever changing energy market.

In my spare time, I also partnered with couple of Rotman alumni and started a new business, Nellie's Hair Emporium Inc., producing and distributing hair extension and eyelash extension products for the beauty industry. Since 2014, I have been heavily involved in this business as a part-time director focusing on formulating market and business strategies.

How has your career path shifted? What were the hardest lessons you learned?

I have learned that it is never too early to start networking. What you learn in the classroom is important too, but networking is just as important. Also, never underestimate the toughness of starting a new business. Don’t start unless you are ready to sacrifice a lot of family time and personal time for a long-term gain.

How do you stay on top of trends in your industry?

I read the news every day and attend training/conferences regularly.

What were the three most important lessons you learned while at Rotman?

  • Network, Network, Network – Embrace it and start early!
  • Risk management and Statistics are very important to learn
  • Management and economics are very important to learn

What does being a Rotman alumnus mean to you?

I am proud to be a Rotman alumnus and even more proud to have a community to provide opportunities to and seek opportunities from.