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Our donors

Rotman deeply values the support of our philanthropic partners, whose generosity help position our school at the forefront of management education and research. The listings below were compiled at the end of the fiscal year on April 30, 2017.

Support for students

Merit-based awards and scholarships are essential to attracting the world’s top students to Rotman.

Rotman already attracts many of the world’s best students. We want to attract more top students and deliver a unique educational experience – one that enables students to not only master analytics, but to become creative problem solvers and influential leaders. We want our graduates to be courted by the world’s leading companies, the highest impact non-profits, and the most dynamic start-ups. Never has the competition for talented graduate students been stronger. The Rotman School’s growing international reputation continues to draw the attention of exceptional students by adhering to its core values of academic excellence including strong leadership from faculty who have extensive experience in their respective fields and hands-on, experiential activities that embody the values of management across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

 The rotman school is an incubator for great teachers. The fellowships will attract scholars with the potential to shine as academics and do great things.

Producing great leaders begins with selection of a student body that grows richer in its talent and diversity each year.  With half of its student body composed of international students, the Rotman School provides a stimulating and diverse intellectual climate.

Rotman’s capacity to attract outstanding applicants, and to select the best from among them, depends on the continued support of our alumni and friends.  Endowed scholarships help remove or reduce financial barriers to business education while ensuring the school’s accessibility to and appeal among all deserving students.

The program was designed to give non-governmental organizations access to the business expertise they need to help develop their programs, focus on their mission, and improve outcomes.

There are many ways you can help:

  • Starting at $50,000, a Named Endowed Scholarship can be established. Payable over five years, this enables donors to allocate funds to their area of interest (for instance, finance, marketing or accounting) and specify what type of student(s) will receive this scholarship.
  • Starting at $25,000, a Pledged Expendable Scholarship can be established. Payable over five years, will ensure that an eligible student receives $5,000 per year toward the cost of tuition. Expendable scholarships can also be named.

Support received for faculty and research

Naming an endowed Chair or Professorship at the Rotman School will help recruit and retain the world’s leading teachers and researchers, enhance our curriculum, foster research and advance the academic performance of tomorrow’s business leaders. Chairs and Professorships can be established for a 
$3 million Named Endowed Chair, a $1 million Named Expendable Chair, a $1 million Named Endowed Professorship and a $500,000 Named Expendable Professorship.

We are seeking support in the following areas:

• Business Design• Corporate Social Responsibility• Economics and Strategy• Finance and Risk Management• International Business• Knowledge and Technology Management • New Technologies and Data Analytics• Health Economics

 CMA works with universities to move accounting management forward. The professorship and seminars are facilitating this, supporting research and dialogue that leads to innovative ways to look at and teach management issues and positively influence future CMAs

Research Centres as Centres of Excellence:

Rotman’s evolving curriculum reflects a commitment to interdisciplinary learning opportunities and newly emerging fields of study. Curricular innovation – the heart of a dynamic business school – requires a variety
 of investments in program development to maximize the intellectual capital generated throughout the University’s academic community. Rotman has responded by developing centres for excellence. These centres bring increased focus and intensity to the education of today’s Rotman graduates. The centres of excellence are essential to the ongoing development of the School’s academic programs. Endowing each of these programs will enable the School to provide an innovative and progressive business education that continues to compete with the best in the world.

 The Institute partners with universities to prepare graduates to become the best chartered accountants possible. Our support for the CA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education provides a focal point for this. The results are innovative curricular enhancements with clear benefits for students, business, and the community.”

Thank you to our Donors

Marcel Desautels, Sandra & Joseph Rotman - Transformational Donor at the Rotman School.



Among our many donors, Marcel A. Desautels, Sandra Rotman, and Joseph Rotman have played visionary and transformational roles in the Rotman School’s evolution into an international forum for management education and research.

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